Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Transcript for Marjorie M Liu Event

Here is the edited transcript from the event on August 4 in Second Life with New York Times bestselling author Marjorie M Liu. Her new book is The Fire King.

[11:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Marjorie - how are those thunder storms?
[11:01] MarjorieMLiu India: Those thunder storms are raging! I hope we don't have flooding in town.
[11:01] Cybergrrl Oh: Everyone - coffee is fresh on the table over there
[11:02] Cybergrrl Oh: First of all, thank you to Marjorie for being here - we're thrilled to have you!
[11:02] Terry Lightfoot applauds
[11:02] MarjorieMLiu India: I'm thrilled to be here. Thank you!
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: The format today is roundtable
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: We do have some questions prepared...
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: that were submitted by fans of Marjorie's and we want to start with those, however...
[11:03] Cybergrrl Oh: We also want you to have the chance to speak directly with Marjorie but Alas and I will moderate.
[11:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Please put Q in front of your questions. Feel free to comment at will. If it becomes too confusing, then we'll resort to private IM questions to me.

[11:04] Cybergrrl Oh: Now without any further ado...
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: Let me intro myself first.
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm Cybergrrl Oh, co-owner of Athena Isle and co-owner of Conversify social media marketing group.
[11:05] Cybergrrl Oh: Alas, please introduce yourself and then our wonderful guest!
[11:06] Alas Zerbino: I'm Alas Zerbino, co-owner of the Story Mountain Center for Writers here on Athena Isle.
[11:06] Alas Zerbino: I also write the blog WRITERS IN THE (virtual) SKY about writing resources in Second Life.
[11:06] Alas Zerbino: Welcome, Marjorie!
[11:06] MarjorieMLiu India: Hello!
[11:07] Cybergrrl Oh: You have the questions from the fans, Alas?
[11:07] Jenny Bolero applauds :-)
[11:07] Cybergrrl Oh applauds
[11:07] Alas Zerbino: Marjorie is one of those amazing people I envy -- a fantastic, prolific author!
[11:07] Amy305 Guardian: applauding marjorie!
[11:07] Alas Zerbino: and from my part of the world, even (I live in WI in RL)
[11:07] MarjorieMLiu India: lol Thank you for having me here!
[11:07] Alas Zerbino: So, let's begin with the questions from the fans.
[11:07] MarjorieMLiu India: WI? I love WI.
[11:08] Terry Lightfoot: (Wisconsin, no?)
[11:08] Alas Zerbino: Yes, Wisconsin.
[11:08] Cybergrrl Oh: (yes, Wisconsin. Cheeseheads?)
[11:08] Alas Zerbino: Question from Holly: Why did you choose to write Soria with one arm?
[11:08] Terry Lightfoot: lol
[11:08] Alas Zerbino: LOL -- cheeseheads indeed
[11:08] Cybergrrl Oh: One moment...did we intro our guest? Bio?
[11:09] Cybergrrl Oh: Also, we need to set the stage for all of us who haven't yet read Marjorie's books (shame on me!)
[11:09] Alas Zerbino: Marjorie M Liu is a NY Times best-selling author
[11:09] Alas Zerbino: she writes in various genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal romance
[11:09] Alas Zerbino: often all in the same book.
[11:09] MarjorieMLiu India: :-)
[11:09] Alas Zerbino: She has written many novels, and in several series.
[11:10] Alas Zerbino: Her latest novel, The Fire King, has just been released.
[11:10] Alas Zerbino: It's the latest in the Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series
[11:10] Amy305 Guardian: loved it!!!!
[11:10] Cybergrrl Oh: Marjorie - why not tell us first about your Dirk & Steele series and bring us up to speed to The Fire King - then we can launch into the fan questions and then branch out to the group!
[11:12] MarjorieMLiu India: Sure! The Dirk & Steele series is about what a group of individuals - psychics, gargoyles, mermen, shape-shifters -- creatures out of legend who work together to...well, make the world a better place.
[11:12] Cybergrrl Oh: oooh mermen!
[11:12] Alas Zerbino: I love it!
[11:12] Amy305 Guardian: loved soul song too!
[11:12] MarjorieMLiu India: They hide in plain sight in this modern world, sometimes using magic, and get into all kinds of crazy trouble.
[11:12] Alas Zerbino: Is The fire King the 8th or 9th in the series?
[11:12] Cybergrrl Oh: (Amy is a tried & true fan! The rest of us are going to get sucked in...willingly)
[11:12] MarjorieMLiu India: The Fire King is the 9th.

[11:12] MarjorieMLiu India: Yay, Amy!
[11:12] Amy305 Guardian: thanks!
[11:13] Alas Zerbino: (I've been sucked in already)
[11:13] Jenny Bolero: Totally sucked in :-)
[11:13] Cybergrrl Oh: Now when we give you fan questions, Marjorie, you will have to explain a bit more to us newbies!
[11:13] MarjorieMLiu India: They're thrillers, romances, adventures, etc.
[11:13] Sufia Shepherd is getting interested if not sucked :))
[11:13] Alas Zerbino: Great characters, amazing plots
[11:13] Amy305 Guardian: :D
[11:13] Cybergrrl Oh: So we can move to the fan q's first
[11:14] Cybergrrl Oh: And of course they all know what is going on!
[11:14] Alas Zerbino: So let's begin with the fan questions submitted to Marjorie
[11:14] Alas Zerbino: Question from Holly: Why did you choose to write Soria with one arm?
[11:14] MarjorieMLiu India: I had been hearing about a lot of soldiers coming home from war missing limbs, and it really...got me.
[11:14] Alas Zerbino: (Soria is the main female character in Fire King)
[11:14] Darkling Elytis murmurs softly, nodding
[11:14] Alas Zerbino: wow -- awesome -- wouldn't have thought of that
[11:14] Amy305 Guardian: such an amazing woman btw!
[11:14] MarjorieMLiu India: So when I started writing The Fire King, it seemed natural, part of her character, that she have this terrible injury that she had been living with.
[11:14] MarjorieMLiu India: I wasn't trying to make a statement...it just fit the character, and what I was feeling at the time.
[11:15] Alas Zerbino: It really adds to the novel, too.
[11:15] MarjorieMLiu India: Thank you, I appreciate that.
[11:15] Cybergrrl Oh: ok, I'm breaking my rule and asking a Q now so everyone please do pipe in. I'll track.
[11:15] Amy305 Guardian: i wanted to cry for her when she wouldn't
[11:15] Alas Zerbino: Next question:
[11:15] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: Does one-armedness play a key part in the action or just in her character development?
[11:15] Alas Zerbino: Question from Lori: Do you have any idea of what your next Dirk and Steele book/ story will be about and when it will be out?
[11:15] MarjorieMLiu India: It's just part of her character development, Cybergrrl.
[11:16] Cybergrrl Oh: Got it, thanks! very interesting!
[11:16] MarjorieMLiu India: The next one will be out in June 2010, and will be a pirate/merman/cryptozoologist/mass worldwide conspiracy story.
[11:16] MarjorieMLiu India: Taking place in the South China Seas.
[11:16] Darkling Elytis: oh, fun!
[11:16] Amy305 Guardian: soria was just so strong!
[11:16] Cybergrrl Oh: oooh, cryptozoologist! ;-)
[11:16] MarjorieMLiu India: :-)
[11:16] Sufia Shepherd: lol
[11:16] Alas Zerbino: Ooh! Sounds incredible!
[11:16] Amy305 Guardian: ooohhhh i likey that!
[11:16] MarjorieMLiu India: I'm having a really good time writing it.
[11:16] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: Are there audiobooks available? Kindle versions?
[11:17] Jenny Bolero: I was wondering that.
[11:17] MarjorieMLiu India: I don't think there are audiobooks available for Dirk & Steele (yes, for Hunter Kiss, though), but they are on Kindle...except for the latest.
[11:17] Cybergrrl Oh: just like us geeky folks to want the digital formats!
[11:17] MarjorieMLiu India: I love my Kindle. :-)
[11:17] Amy305 Guardian: lol
[11:17] Cybergrrl Oh is thinking of buying a Kindle.
[11:17] Alas Zerbino: I know -- Fire King is NOT on Kindle yet :(
[11:17] Alas Zerbino: I LOVE my Kindle!
[11:18] Alas Zerbino: The description of your next book feeds into the next fan question....
[11:18] MarjorieMLiu India: I'm really shocked it's not on Kindle yet.
[11:18] Alas Zerbino: me too
[11:18] Alas Zerbino: Question from Samantha: I love the detail you go into when describing different countries. You manage to make it fit without sounding like a tourism advert. Do you pick the characters first, then the location or do you visit a location and then envision the characters there?
[11:18] Cybergrrl Oh: Q from Moonshadow: Q, You are on the best sellers list, can her books be aquired from any book store?
[11:18] MarjorieMLiu India: I pick the characters first, and then think about location.
[11:18] Jenny Bolero: Give us your publishers email, we'll spam them ;-)
[11:18] Terry Lightfoot: lol
[11:18] MarjorieMLiu India: Moonshadow: Yes, I hope so!
[11:19] Terry Lightfoot: (BRB)
[11:19] Cybergrrl Oh: What is the location of The Fire King?
[11:19] Moonshadow9 Blanco: great i will be looking for you books at my local bookstore then ;)
[11:19] MarjorieMLiu India: As for placing my books in different places around the world, I love to travel, and it gives me an excuse to do research -- even if it's just by reading about a place.
[11:19] MarjorieMLiu India: The Fire King is set in Central Asia.
[11:20] Sufia Shepherd: UK?
[11:20] Sufia Shepherd: welcome to pop in...
[11:20] Sufia Shepherd: Asia more exotic
[11:20] Amy305 Guardian: Q: ever think of visiting Canada? HEHE!
[11:20] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: So where did you travel that inspired the locale for The Fire King?
[11:21] MarjorieMLiu India: I've been up around Mongolia, and the history of the region, including the Silk Road, has fascinated me for years.
[11:21] Amy305 Guardian: sounds amazing
[11:21] MarjorieMLiu India: Thank you, Amy.
[11:21] Lula Luminos: thankyou - hello :)
[11:21] Amy305 Guardian: ;)on
[11:21] MarjorieMLiu India: Hi Lula!
[11:21] Alas Zerbino: Another question from a fan...
[11:21] Alas Zerbino: Question from Gail: Are you writing the series as an open-ended until the ideas run out thing or do you have an overall storyline that will end in a grand finale? If the answer is B, how many more books do we have to look forward to?
[11:22] Bart Kling: Q: Shame on me I did not read the book...but I would like to ask you how social media has changed the relation with your readers?
[11:22] MarjorieMLiu India: The series is open-ended, though I will be dealing with tying up some loose ends, or at least, explaining some of the conspiracies, over the course of the next two books.
[11:22] Cybergrrl Oh: Great question about series or open-ended. I always wonder about that with authors.
[11:23] Amy305 Guardian: yay!
[11:23] Alas Zerbino: Bart, good question about social media.
[11:23] MarjorieMLiu India: I wish I was a better planner when it comes to my series, but I play things by ear!
[11:23] Amy305 Guardian: sometimes that makes for the best stories
[11:24] Alas Zerbino: Q: How do you see the world of books changing (if at all) due to e-books, the ubiquity of the Internet, social media, etc.?
[11:24] MarjorieMLiu India: Amy - I do like to write by the seat of my pants, that's for sure.
[11:24] Amy305 Guardian: give me real books any day over any digital version!
[11:24] MarjorieMLiu India: Alas, good question - it's hard to say, really. I think there is room for both, and what I've found is that some NY Times Bestselling authors were discovered/first published by e-publishers.
[11:24] Amy305 Guardian: i like to have my hands on a good juicy novel!
[11:25] Jenny Bolero: Oh I don't know, 50 books in my pocket can be handy, but sure, print is king ;-)
[11:25] MarjorieMLiu India: Personally, I love both e-versions and the physical books. When I travel, the Kindle can't be beat.
[11:25] Amy305 Guardian: ;)
[11:25] Alas Zerbino: Q: Why do you write series? And why more than one series at a time?
[11:25] Sufia Shepherd: hey SBC
[11:25] MarjorieMLiu India: But when I'm at home on a rainy day? Holding that book in my hand is wonderful.
[11:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Did we answer Bart Kling's Q: Shame on me I did not read the book...but I would like to ask you how social media has changed the relation with your readers?
[11:26] Amy305 Guardian: ya i got ya there Marjorie
[11:26] MarjorieMLiu India: Alas - I love to tell different kinds of stories, which is why I write two series.
[11:26] MarjorieMLiu India: And it's fun to play in various universes!
[11:26] Alas Zerbino: Makes sense!
[11:26] Amy305 Guardian: definitely
[11:26] MarjorieMLiu India: Did Bart just ask a question that I missed?
[11:26] Jenny Bolero: That it is :-)
[11:27] Alas Zerbino: Bart Kling's Q: Shame on me I did not read the book...but I would like to ask you how social media has changed the relation with your readers?
[11:28] MarjorieMLiu India: Sorry I didn't catch that earlier, Bart. As for Social Media...I think it brings the author closer to the reader, certainly. And I love that, to be honest. I have the best readers, and my blog/twitter is a good way of keeping in touch with everyone.
[11:28] MarjorieMLiu India: Not just advertising for the books, but talking about writing, life, etc.
[11:28] Amy305 Guardian: yes, some of the blogs have been amazing
[11:28] Cybergrrl Oh: Chepooka can you paste in her Twitter URL and blog URL?
[11:29] MarjorieMLiu India: Writing is an isolating business, to some degree, and it's nice to have 'contact' with the outside world!
[11:29] Alas Zerbino: Yes! I totally agree, which is one of the great things about SL, too
[11:29] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: Speaking of writing as isolating, not to get too personal, but how does your writing affect your personal relationships?
[11:29] Chepooka Laval: Marjorie on Twitter: http://twitter.com/marjoriemliu
[11:29] Moonshadow9 Blanco: so true Majorie
[11:29] Cybergrrl Oh: As I writer, I find it difficult to leave husband & 3yr old daughter just to WRITE.
[11:30] Alas Zerbino: Here's another question submitted by one of your fans:
[11:30] Chepooka Laval: Marjorie's Blog http://marjoriemliu.com/index.php?/blog/
[11:30] Alas Zerbino: Question from Cindy: All of your characters have such interesting names, how do you come up with them? Do you use a name book?
[11:30] MarjorieMLiu India: I have made wonderful friends that I wouldn't have, had I been doing something else with my life -- like practicing law. So in that sense, writing has been GREAT for my personal relationships!
[11:30] Chepooka Laval: Dirk & Steele blog http://dirkandsteele.posterous.com/
[11:30] MarjorieMLiu India: Cindy - I don't use a name book, unless I'm really stuck. Usually the names just come to me as I think about the character.
[11:30] Chepooka Laval: The Dirk & Steele Detective Agency on Facebook :) http://bit.ly/85kc9
[11:30] Amy305 Guardian: amazing!
[11:31] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: How about a character bible? I've not tried my hand at a fiction novel but seems to me it might e an interesting challenge to keep all the characters straight w/all their backstories.
[11:31] MarjorieMLiu India: I tried to write a character bible, and a series bible, but lost them on my other computer. HA!
[11:32] Amy305 Guardian: uh-oh!
[11:32] Cybergrrl Oh: LOL. Perils of electronic book writing!
[11:32] MarjorieMLiu India: It's easier just to rely on what's in my head.
[11:32] Chepooka Laval: haha whoopsies
[11:32] Darkling Elytis: technology can set us free... or delete our work in the wink of an eye ;)
[11:32] Cybergrrl Oh: Darkling, so true so true
[11:32] Amy305 Guardian: heh heh heh
[11:32] MarjorieMLiu India: Not always that accurate, though -- so sometimes I have to re-read a previous book to remind myself of what's going on.
[11:32] Chepooka Laval: :))
[11:33] Amy305 Guardian: and gee like that is a hardship eh? LOL
[11:33] Terry Lightfoot knocks on...plastic? at Darklings deletion comment
[11:33] Alas Zerbino: Q: You keep talking about the ideas, characters, etc., just come to you. Do you write from an outline ever?
[11:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Ah, the old fashioned "archive" method - reading past books of your own
[11:33] Alas Zerbino: LOL, Cybergrrl!!
[11:33] Cybergrrl Oh: great question Alas
[11:33] MarjorieMLiu India: I try to write from an outline -- or rather, I have tried -- and usually I deviate completely within the first couple pages.
[11:34] Amy305 Guardian: lol
[11:34] MarjorieMLiu India: Outlines are extremely useful. I'm just REALLY bad at writing them.
[11:34] Chepooka Laval: If you visit Marjorie's blog, she has some amazing articles on her writing process in recent archives
[11:34] Sufia Shepherd: :))
[11:34] Alas Zerbino: lol!
[11:34] Cybergrrl Oh is going to Amazon to buy herself a Kindle and the early Dirk & Steele books to catch up.
[11:34] MarjorieMLiu India: lol!
[11:34] Alas Zerbino: haha -- good!
[11:34] Sufia Shepherd: bulk buy?
[11:34] Moonshadow9 Blanco: hehe im right behind you cybergirl
[11:34] Cybergrrl Oh: Chepooka, that is awesome. For all of us aspiring novelists, hearing about process is a revelation.
[11:35] Alas Zerbino: Q: Do you ever think about *where* the ideas, names, etc., come from?
[11:35] MarjorieMLiu India: Everyone has a different way of going about writing a book. It's so personal. :-)
[11:35] Alas Zerbino: Yes, it is personal.
[11:35] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: Marjorie - do you know how beneficial it is to the author - financially - for us to buy Kindle versions vs. paper books? Should we buy both to support your work?
[11:35] Cybergrrl Oh: Alas - maybe she is channeling something/someone? ;-)
[11:35] Alas Zerbino: And it's so valuable for a novice writer to realize that each writer's process is unique to them.
[11:36] Alas Zerbino: LOL, Cybergrrl!!
[11:36] MarjorieMLiu India: Alas - just depends....I get ideas from the news, myths, non-fiction, poetry, etc.
[11:36] MarjorieMLiu India: Yes, I'm channeling!!! :-)
[11:36] Alas Zerbino: I was actually thinking of her background....
[11:36] Alas Zerbino: In a sense, all writing is channeling!
[11:36] Alas Zerbino: :D
[11:36] MarjorieMLiu India: Kindle vs. hardcopies...hard to say. E-books have a different royalty structure, usually, but that depends on your contract.
[11:36] Terry Lightfoot: perhaps existence is channeling...
[11:37] Bart Kling: Q: if one day you should decide to change complete the genre of novels you write, which one would you choose and why?
[11:37] Alas Zerbino: good point, Terry!
[11:37] Terry Lightfoot: constant rp...
[11:37] Terry Lightfoot: ;-)
[11:37] Cybergrrl Oh: yes terry, we are all channel something at one time or another!
[11:37] MarjorieMLiu India: I will be writing a mystery, and have plans for a YA. I love writing all kinds of stories.
[11:37] Alas Zerbino: Oh wow, you are really versatile!
[11:38] Cybergrrl Oh: YA = Young Adult?
[11:38] MarjorieMLiu India: I get bored easily. :-)
[11:38] MarjorieMLiu India: Yes, that's Young Adult.
[11:38] Amy305 Guardian: well she is amazing alas!
[11:38] Alas Zerbino: Thank goodness for us readers you get bored!
[11:38] Amy305 Guardian: lol
[11:38] Alas Zerbino: lol, Amy
[11:38] MarjorieMLiu India: ha!
[11:38] Amy305 Guardian: ;)
[11:38] Alas Zerbino: Which relates to another question . . .
[11:38] Alas Zerbino: Q: Your books, as well as others, are "genre-blending": scifi, romance, fantasy, action thriller, urban fantasy, shapeshifter romance, etc. Is this changing publishing & reading habits?
[11:39] MarjorieMLiu India: I think so. Publishers have always been open to good stories, but now writing something that crosses genres is an asset, rather than a marketing nightmare. :-)
[11:39] Alas Zerbino: So it seems.
[11:39] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: How so? Because they can market to various channels? Or?
[11:39] Terry Lightfoot: :-)
[11:40] MarjorieMLiu India: I think, perhaps, because it makes books stand out from the crowd.
[11:40] Bart Kling: Q: How do you choose the covers of your books?
[11:40] MarjorieMLiu India: The hardest thing, though, is still trying to decide where a book should be shelved in a store -- romance vs. fantasty, for example.
[11:40] MarjorieMLiu India: Nope, no choice over my covers. I've been lucky, though!
[11:41] Terry Lightfoot: ahh..hmm...that would be a challenge. restricting them to one category seems a shame...
[11:41] Cybergrrl Oh: Even NYT bestsellers don't get to choose covers?
[11:41] Amy305 Guardian: love the tiger eye cover!
[11:41] MarjorieMLiu India: No!
[11:41] Alas Zerbino: yes, and there are new subgenres being added -- paranormal romance, urban fantasy, etc.
[11:41] MarjorieMLiu India: Thank you! That was my first book, and when I saw that cover, I almost cried (because I liked it so much)!
[11:41] Amy305 Guardian: :D
[11:42] Chepooka Laval: :)
[11:42] Cybergrrl Oh: Thank goodness!
[11:42] MarjorieMLiu India: I recently found out that the cover model to Tiger Eye is a friend of a friend.
[11:42] Alas Zerbino: Oh wow! Small world!
[11:42] Bart Kling: Q: your answer leads to another question......do you always like the cover of your books?
[11:42] MarjorieMLiu India: Tell me about it!
[11:42] Amy305 Guardian: she looks exactly how i would have pictured dela
[11:42] Alas Zerbino: amazing
[11:42] MarjorieMLiu India: I don't always like the covers of my books, but for the most part, I've been extremely pleased.
[11:43] Alas Zerbino: Q: Do you think you'll ever write a "mainstream" novel that isn't a specific genre?
[11:43] Amy305 Guardian: Q: what ones are on the bottom of the list for you?
[11:43] MarjorieMLiu India: Alas - I suspect I will. In fact, I'm pretty certain of it. :-)
[11:43] Alas Zerbino: Cool!
[11:43] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: You seem very active online interacting with fans and also running great book promotions. How much time is that taking you and how do you balance promoting and writing books?
[11:43] MarjorieMLiu India: Amy - as for covers...I had long discussions about the cover for The Last Twilight. It wasn't right in the beginning.
[11:44] MarjorieMLiu India: Luckily I have some wonderful help in the online promo department. Ahem ' Chepooka' ahem.
[11:44] Chepooka Laval: Aww *blushes*
[11:44] Alas Zerbino: Yes, I love your website design that Chepooka did.
[11:44] Amy305 Guardian: i like how it turned out though!
[11:44] Jenny Bolero: :-)
[11:44] MarjorieMLiu India: Oh, man - I love that website!
[11:44] Chepooka Laval: *bow* ty
[11:45] MarjorieMLiu India: She's totally genius!
[11:45] Cybergrrl Oh: Chepooka is a Goddess of design.
[11:45] Alas Zerbino: that's for sure!
[11:45] Chepooka Laval: stop lol okay next Q ;)
[11:45] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: You seem very active online interacting with fans and also running great book promotions. How much time is that taking you and how do you balance promoting and writing books?
[11:45] Amy305 Guardian: yay chepooka!
[11:45] Chepooka Laval: :))
[11:45] Alas Zerbino: Great question, Cybergrrl
[11:45] MarjorieMLiu India: You know, writing my blog and writing books still = writing. I love words. It's no burden.
[11:45] Amy305 Guardian: lol
[11:46] MarjorieMLiu India: Some days my blog is more thoughtful than others, though!
[11:46] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: Some authors feel blogging is "giving away their writing for free" - how do you feel it helps/hurts what you do?
[11:46] MarjorieMLiu India: And if I've got a deadline, I just don't post.
[11:46] MarjorieMLiu India: I think it definitely helps! As for giving away writing for free...honestly, I think that's silly.
[11:47] Chepooka Laval: :) lol
[11:47] Alas Zerbino: Like someone would want to pay for my opinion!!
[11:47] Winston Dufaux: any writer should be grateful for exposure
[11:47] Alas Zerbino: lol
[11:47] MarjorieMLiu India: Exactly!
[11:47] Alas Zerbino: Q: What value, besides entertainment, do you think novels provide for readers?
[11:48] Cybergrrl Oh: Hey, I'm the gal with 12 blogs. LOL.
[11:48] Chepooka Laval: whoa, heavy question alas!
[11:48] Chepooka Laval: :)
[11:48] MarjorieMLiu India: I can only speak for myself, but novels are an escape for me, a chance to experience and live another life -- say, in Victorian England, or the Old West, or Outer Space!
[11:48] Alas Zerbino: lol (sorry - heehee)
[11:48] Chepooka Laval: cybergrrl down to just 12? ;)
[11:48] MarjorieMLiu India: 12 blogs? Dude.
[11:48] Chepooka Laval: sounds like SL! lol
[11:48] Cybergrrl Oh: Novels are escape for reader - never thought they'd be escape for writer, too...!
[11:48] Cybergrrl Oh: LOL. OK, I only tend to 6 regularly (semi).
[11:49] MarjorieMLiu India: Writing books can be an escape, too. :-)
[11:49] Winston Dufaux: some can even provide healing, personal growth
[11:49] MarjorieMLiu India: An escape into INSANITY! Ha!
[11:49] Cybergrrl Oh: good point Winston
[11:49] Jenny Bolero: lol
[11:49] Chepooka Laval: haha
[11:49] Amy305 Guardian: i love "escaping" from my kids!
[11:49] Winston Dufaux: seeing the world in new ways is always beneficial
[11:49] Cybergrrl Oh: A reason to delve into insanity!
[11:49] Alas Zerbino: A long time ago, in a universe far away (i.e., my college days), my lit profs used to say that reading novels is the best way to learn about people. Q: Do you think that's true?
[11:49] Terry Lightfoot: that sounds more like sanity to me....
[11:49] Terry Lightfoot: ;-)
[11:50] MarjorieMLiu India: I do think that true -- when a book is done right, you can get peeks into the human condition that you might not normally experience.
[11:50] Cybergrrl Oh: If you want to learn about mermen, gargoyles, etc... then it must be true!
[11:50] MarjorieMLiu India: lol!
[11:50] Alas Zerbino: lol
[11:50] MarjorieMLiu India: Yes, I love those mermen.
[11:50] Cybergrrl Oh: Hey, I'm all about the mermen. Can't wait to see how they compare to human men.
[11:50] MarjorieMLiu India: Ironically, I hate swimming.
[11:51] Alas Zerbino: I wonder if sometimes those "fantasy" characters don't shed more light on people's foibles than "human" characters.
[11:51] Amy305 Guardian: ok
[11:51] Amy305 Guardian: yay
[11:51] Amy305 Guardian: YAY YAY
[11:52] Amy305 Guardian: woot woot!
[11:52] Alas Zerbino: Super!
[11:52] Chepooka Laval: It will be posted to the Dirk & Steele blog at http://dirkandsteele.posterous.com and of course http://athenaislewomen.blogspot.com/
[11:52] Jenny Bolero: Q: I once worked with a friend wh's a writer, using role-paly to develop characters adn situations for her work. Have you ever trird this kinda method or anything like it. If so, who do you trust to share your characters?
[11:52] Winston Dufaux: the fantasy characters are still created by a person's mind, so naturally they would reveal aspects of life
[11:52] Alas Zerbino: Good question, Jenny!!
[11:53] MarjorieMLiu India: You know, I don't role-play as a means of developing characters, but I do stare in space a lot and listen to loud music.
[11:53] Darkling Elytis chuckles throatily.
[11:53] Jenny Bolero: lol
[11:53] Alas Zerbino: LOL!!
[11:53] MarjorieMLiu India: I can see that being a lot of fun, though! I start fires with my mind!
[11:53] Terry Lightfoot: he he
[11:53] Chepooka Laval: LOL
[11:53] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: Who are your trusted readers? And what music do you like?
[11:53] Cybergrrl Oh: By READERS I mean the ones who read BEFORE you submit.
[11:53] MarjorieMLiu India: My mom is my first reader. :-)
[11:53] Amy305 Guardian: sweet!
[11:53] Alas Zerbino: ("beta" readers is the latest term for those)
[11:53] Jenny Bolero: That's cool :-)
[11:53] Chepooka Laval: Marjorie and I created a blip.fm channel for one of her characters - that was fun :)
[11:54] Cybergrrl Oh: Beta Readers! LOL
[11:54] MarjorieMLiu India: I know if she's bored, there's a problem.
[11:54] Alas Zerbino: :D
[11:54] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: What music really inspires you? That you play really loud?
[11:55] MarjorieMLiu India: I have a thing for 80's Power Ballads. And really moody alternative/electronica/vocals...like Darling Daughter or Imogen Heap, or Bjork.
[11:55] Cybergrrl Oh: 80s Power Ballads like...?
[11:55] MarjorieMLiu India: Steve Perry!
[11:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Sister Christian was the first one that popped in my head.
[11:55] MarjorieMLiu India: That, too!
[11:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Ah, yes, 80's Journey!
[11:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: For Chepooka, can you give us some more URLs & highlights of Marjorie's social media stuff since you're the Goddess of creating those things?
[11:55] Amy305 Guardian: woot woot!
[11:55] Winston Dufaux: don't stop believin
[11:56] MarjorieMLiu India: Tina Turner.
[11:56] Alas Zerbino: Q: What's the best thing about writing full-time? Worst thing?
[11:56] Amy305 Guardian: great vocalist there
[11:56] Jenny Bolero: Q: Yeah, what's the Blip channel? :-)
[11:56] Chepooka Laval: one sec :)
[11:56] MarjorieMLiu India: The best thing is that I'm always writing. The worst thing is that, well, I'm always writing.
[11:56] Bart Kling: Q: What about some '70 progressive rock as source of inspiration?
[11:56] MarjorieMLiu India: I'm at home, so I don't leave the job at the office. But that's pretty trivial, given that I love what I do.
[11:57] Cybergrrl Oh: Q: What is the best TIME for you to write? Worst time of day?
[11:57] Amy305 Guardian: :)
[11:57] MarjorieMLiu India: Oh, the 70's....let's see...
[11:57] Alas Zerbino: LOL!! I understand ... best & worst are the same.
[11:57] MarjorieMLiu India: Best time? Morning, I'd say. And late evening.
[11:57] Chepooka Laval: This is a character from Marjorie's Hunter Kiss series, Grant Cooperon (*swoon*), the playlist is embedded near the bottom http://marjoriemliu.com/index.php?/GrantCooperon/index/
[11:58] Jenny Bolero: Thanks :-)
[11:58] Chepooka Laval: for those of you still using MySpace http://www.myspace.com/marjorieliu
[11:58] Bart Kling: Q: I mean stuff like Gong, Faust or the first albums of Genesis...concept albums with an incredible story line....
[11:58] Alas Zerbino: Another submitted fan question: Will we be any of the old characters such as Dela, Hari, Elena, Artur, Dean and Blue?
[11:59] Chepooka Laval: Marjorie is also on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/32686909@N07/3168575463/
[11:59] Cybergrrl Oh: Oooh, first Genesis album!
[11:59] Chepooka Laval: Marjorie just got disconnected
[11:59] Cybergrrl Oh: Well, there you go!
[12:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Thunderstorms finally got to her.
[12:00] Amy305 Guardian: Q: Marjorie any plans to visit Canada?
[12:00] Chepooka Laval: the storms are pretty bad
[12:00] Alas Zerbino: Well, shoot, the hour's up already! This has been fabulously interesting.
[12:00] Alas Zerbino: thank goodness she was able to hang in for the whole hour.
[12:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Thanks for being here everyone! And thanks to Marjorie for her time and candor.
[12:00] Alas Zerbino: So, thanks everyone for coming.
[12:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Chepooka - tell her we loved having her!
[12:00] Kghia Gherardi applauds
[12:00] Hedda Hazelnut: Great presentation!! I am going to look for the books now.
[12:00] Chepooka Laval: sorry guys, she wants to say thank you to everyone!!
[12:00] Cybergrrl Oh: And I really did put the Kindle in my Amazon cart along with some of Marjorie's books BTW. Hitting Purchase in a moment.
[12:00] Jenny Bolero: Yup, and you've got at least 2 new readers here. Thanks :-)
[12:00] Kghia Gherardi: excellent event
[12:00] Cybergrrl Oh: Please tune into the Athena Isle blogs for the transcript:
[12:00] Chepooka Laval: and she is really sorry that she can't get back on
[12:00] Darkling Elytis applauds :)
[12:01] Cybergrrl Oh: http://athenaisle.blogspot.com and
[12:01] Alas Zerbino: And if you haven't read any of her books --you're really missing out.
[12:01] Terry Lightfoot applauds
[12:01] Chepooka Laval: she had a great time!! :)
[12:01] Cybergrrl Oh: And Join Athena Isle Events to find out about more author roundtables coming up soon!
[12:01] Liadona Rau: Thank her for us
[12:01] Darkling Elytis: thank you so much for speaking with us, Marjorie
[12:01] Hedda Hazelnut: Thanks very much to Marjorie!!!!!
[12:01] Amy305 Guardian: Thank you!
[12:01] Jenny Bolero: Ask her when she's going to open her own themed sim here ;-) That's be awesome.
[12:01] Alas Zerbino: Yes, thank you Marjorie, from wherever you've teleported to right now!! :)
[12:02] Alas Zerbino: That would be awesome, Jenny.
[12:02] Cybergrrl Oh: Her own themed sim - right on! - FINAL
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