Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Blogger's First Post: It's All About Me!

Many thanks to the amazingly patient Cybergrrl Oh, who invited me to join her in this excellent blog just before I fell under a crush of RL work. Here I am now and ready to contribute!

But let me introduce myself first. I'm EvansMom Goodspeed (named for my RL son), and I've been in Second Life since August 2006, attracted by the marketing possibilities, but then I drank the SL Kool-Aid, met some friends, had adventures, became a Gorean slave, had a partner, bought land and contributed mightily to the SL economy in both lindens and dollars. Although both my slavery and my partnership ended, I still love to meet friends and explore this amazing virtual world, lag and crashes notwithstanding.

Cybergrrl invited me to blog on women's issues here in SL, and I plan to begin contributing in my next post. In the meantime, look me up in-world to chat or -- once I really do start posting -- to agree or disagree. I'm a big girl; I can take it.

And in the meantime, do come out and join us on Athena Isle, to chat in a discussion group, wander around the friendly sim or shop a little in Cybergrrl's store. Need a ride? I'll be glad to send the limo.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Live Psychic Readings in Second Life

Tuesday, 26 Feb - Join us on Athena Isle for Live Psychic Readings by M.W.

From her bio:

Inspired by the works of Edgar Cayce, M.W. (aka Kim Stempien) began developing her psychic abilities using her dreams. Through years of experiments, she learned that we all dream each others' dreams, and have many predictive dreams too. Currenly, M.W. downloads much of the original content in Precognito Magazine from the Akashic Records, and is proud to bring much of Mary Magdalene's teachings that "God is Within" forward using this resource.

She earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Engineering from Michigan State University, and is currently purshing master's studies in Forensic Psychology.

Known for her highly detailed and accurate predictions, "M.W." has been a featured psychic on VH1's 2003 celebrity special "Rockstrology", Lifetime TV's "America's Psychic Challenge", and has made numerous radio appearances across the U.S. She is also the creater and owner of the popular and inspirational magazine "Precognito" available in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Janice Taylor aka Janice Tairov Transcript

[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: OK, let's get started. Janice - please introduce yourself and set the stage for your chat today. We are very interactive here. All I ask is that everyone type QUESTION: before their questions so we can track them easily.
[12:22] Naj Potez: I live in Dubrovnik, Croatia
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: Naj- sorry to interrupt -
[12:22] Janice Tairov: Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming ... from near and from far!
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: Croatia - wow!
[12:22] Janice Tairov: and for dressing so nicely for the occasion.
[12:22] Janice Tairov: I am Janice Taylor, author of Our Lady of Weight Loss - and I am a personal life coach and a certified hypnotist.
[12:23] Janice Tairov: AND a 50 pound big-time-loser.
[12:23] Janice Tairov: Yup, I permanently removed over 50 pounds 6 years ago.
[12:23] Scarlett Qi: Woohoo! Good for you
[12:23] Janice Tairov: Our Lady of Weight Loss was and is my guide!
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: See the before and after pics on the posters!
[12:23] Janice Tairov: That's the short of it!!! And yes, I'm hypnotizing you all right now!
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm getting verrrry sleepy
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:23] Janice Tairov: You might fall over!
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: So what is your book about exactly?
[12:24] Janice Tairov: My book is a companion book to any diet.
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: oops - QUESTION: So what is your book about exactly?
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:24] Janice Tairov: We all know that any plan works ... if you follow it!
[12:24] Janice Tairov: So this book keeps you motivated, inspires, and keeps you laughing.
[12:24] Skye Qi: nods
[12:24] Janice Tairov: Plus ... I'm an artist and it's filled with gorgeous work, if I say so myself!
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: So your book is a motivational partner to any diet - not a diet in particular?
[12:24] Janice Tairov: Exactly! A motivational partner! I like that ... and ...
[12:25] Cybergrrl Oh: I love this sig file in Janice's email: Spread the word (NOT the icing!).
[12:25] Janice Tairov: there are recipes ... and letters from OUr Lady's fans to her asking some pretty great questions.
[12:25] Keykey Underwood: I love the poster illustration. It tells the whole story.
[12:25] Cybergrrl Oh: Reminder: I will have a chat transcript up on the Second Life Women's Club blog this week.
[12:25] Janice Tairov: Great! That's some of my art ...
[12:25] Scarlett Qi: QUESTION: Is it written to a particular religious audience?
[12:26] Janice Tairov: No - other than her name ... there's not much 'religion' in there.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: Well, none.
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Click on the posters to get to the Amazon page where you can read more about and buy Janice's book, BTW.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: I'm pandenominational. I live in NYC, so I figure I'm a bit of everything.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: Thank You!
[12:26] Janice Tairov: I know you have some questions ... you're eating your babies' food ... crying as they grow up and leave.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: What other challenges do you have?
[12:27] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: How do I return to my healthy diet when all I'm doing is noshing on baby's leftovers?
[12:27] Janice Tairov: First, I want to say that there is no such thing as will power ...
[12:27] Janice Tairov: there's only want power! So you first have to ask yourself ...
[12:27] Janice Tairov: how badly do I want this?
[12:27] Keykey Underwood: Question: I'm like Mark Twain who said giving up smoking is easy, he'd done it hundreds of times.
[12:28] Cybergrrl Oh: WANT Power! Clever and true!
[12:28] Janice Tairov: Well, here's the thing ... there's a part of you that WANTS to eat healthfully and there's a part that wants to soothe yourself.

[12:28] Cybergrrl Oh: and a part of me that WANTS dark chocolate
[12:28] Janice Tairov: Again, there is no such thing as will power. BUT I do want to keep these 50 pounds off, so I don't keep foods that call my name in the house.
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What foods call your name?
[12:29] Keykey Underwood: Dark chocolate is a healthful food. We call it the brown group in my house.
[12:29] Janice Tairov: Yes, dark chocolate is healthy and 1.6 ozs is 170 calories.
[12:29] Janice Tairov: So have one little square, if you can!
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: grins and nods at Keykey
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Is that good or bad? 170 calories?
[12:29] Janice Tairov: I make an incredible fig balsamic sauce that calls my name.
[12:30] Keykey Underwood: It better be very healthful for all those calories.
[12:30] Janice Tairov: And it's OLofWL approved. ... so you see, if you put your mind to it,
[12:30] Janice Tairov: you can find foods that satisfy.
[12:30] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What is the biggest "dieting" mistake women make?
[12:30] Keykey Underwood: Question: What's the recipe?
[12:30] Janice Tairov: Biggest dieting mistake first:
[12:30] Janice Tairov: you eat one tiny piece of cake and go off on a 10 year detour!
[12:30] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - you will have to email me the recipe for the fig balsamic dressing so I can post it on our blog - or at least distribute it privately to the women here!
[12:30] Janice Tairov: Our lady's mantra ... All Is Forgiven, Move On!
[12:30] Keykey Underwood: Been there= done that
[12:31] Janice Tairov: Don't quit. That's the biggest mistake.
[12:31] Cybergrrl Oh: Going off the Diet Wagon
[12:31] Janice Tairov: Falling off w. a thud and not getting back up!
[12:31] Janice Tairov: Feeling defeated. Depressed. Deprived.
[12:31] Janice Tairov: It's just a piece of cake.
[12:31] Keykey Underwood: So you're saying dieting is a piece of cake?
[12:31] Janice Tairov: As for the recipe; I'm working on a video for my beliefnet. blogspot and it is me cooking the fig sauce. I'll let you all know when it's up.
[12:32] Cybergrrl Oh: Perfect Janice -I'll link to it!
[12:32] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What is the URL to that blog?
[12:32] Janice Tairov: Anyway ... sorry to say, no magic bullet.
[12:32] Janice Tairov: You find everything on my website
[12:33] Janice Tairov: The video is very funny. I have electrician's tape on my mouth.
[12:33] Janice Tairov: My recipes are too good. Only way I won't eat them!
[12:33] Janice Tairov: LOL
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Duct tape could also do the trick
[12:33] Janice Tairov: I do think you've got to have a sense of humor about this!
[12:33] Janice Tairov: Yes, any tape!
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: you have a new book coming out - what can we expect from that? All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss's 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville (pub date May 15 2008 - Studio/Penguin)
[12:33] Eshi Otawara: i don't have a kitchen
[12:33] Janice Tairov: I'm serious about weight loss, but not heavy.
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Arlo must leave for a meeting but thanks for being here!
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Transcript will be up this week
[12:34] Janice Tairov: Yes, next book coming soon! And there's hypnosis in it. You can self-hypnotize yourselves.
[12:34] Janice Tairov: And ... I do groups on the phone. Use some hypnosis there.
[12:34] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Self-hypnotize to lose weight?
[12:34] Janice Tairov: Shall I tell you why hypnosis is important in this?
[12:34] Keykey Underwood: Question? Tell us more about hypnosis
[12:34] Janice Tairov: Perfect! We're on the same page ...
[12:34] Janice Tairov: It talks to the part of you that wants the chocolate.
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Simply ... your unconscious mind is here to protect you. So ...
[12:35] Janice Tairov: if somewhere along the way it learned that chocolate makes you feel better, you will reach for the chocolate even if you don't want to.
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Hypnosis talks to your unconscious mind.
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Sends it the message that we thank you for protecting us, and now we have new ways of doing so.
[12:35] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Can everyone be hypnotized or hypnotize themselves?
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Then we 'embed' suggestions.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: Sometimes people 'change' immediately' sometimes it takes a few sessions.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: Key though ... you can't make someone do something they don't want to do.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: So if you really don't want to lose weight ... you won't.
[12:36] Keykey Underwood: A few sessions still sounds pretty fast
[12:36] Janice Tairov: It depends on where you are ... everyone is different.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: And of course, you do have to eat healthfully.
[12:37] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Do you find humor really helps with dieting?
[12:37] Keykey Underwood: Question: What diet did you use to lose your 50 pounds and how long have you kept it off?
[12:37] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: And doesn't it go beyond dieting? Exercise? What else does it take?
[12:37] Janice Tairov: Yes, humor is key! I was fat my entire life ... yo-'yo'ing all over the place ...
[12:37] Janice Tairov: and I was depressed and dreary. So humor is fabulous.
[12:38] Janice Tairov: It's a mindset ... yes, exercise is good because it also helps with the mind and tones the body ...
[12:38] Janice Tairov: but it may not burn as many calories as you imagine.
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: I have to say I do love the humor. From Janice's site:
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: Our Lady of Weight Loss Prima "...kooky genius - see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you." O, Oprah Magazine The BLOW the FAT CELLS from your MIND NOW! Home Study Cure -sign up NOW Home of the ™® CLICK HERE for this week's KICK * E-CARDS! *BLOG All Is Forgiven, Move On Mission Bracelet The color BLUE can: Suppress Appetite, Calm,Soothe Remove Guilt and more ... ORDER NOW!!! Click to continue Pre-Order NOW / Coming May 2008 ORDER NOW! Click to Continue Janice Taylor was born fat - the only baby in the hospital nursery to gain weight. An ominous sign. At age 8, she weighed 112 lbs. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting (performed gracefully), Janice finally and permanently removed over 50 pounds 6 years ago.
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: OOps - just meant to print the part about being a baby and gaining weight
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:38] Janice Tairov: Yes, O, the Oprah magazine said I am a kooky genius!
[12:38] Janice Tairov: Thanks to O!
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice Taylor was born fat - the only baby in the hospital nursery to gain weight. An ominous sign. At age 8, she weighed 112 lbs. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting (performed gracefully), Janice finally and permanently removed over 50 pounds 6 years ago.
[12:38] Janice Tairov: I believe in kooky!
[12:39] Cybergrrl Oh: that part
[12:39] Janice Tairov: Hey y'all ... I'm having a contest.
[12:39] Janice Tairov: You get together with your friends, family, whomever and write me,
[12:39] Janice Tairov: send a video, a poem ... whatever ... telling me
[12:39] Janice Tairov: what foods you find irresistible ... and you could win...
[12:39] Janice Tairov: ME!
[12:39] Eshi Otawara: o-O
[12:39] Janice Tairov: When on the book tour, my publisher will send me to you.
[12:39] Eshi Otawara: STEAK, RARE
[12:39] Eshi Otawara drools
[12:39] Janice Tairov: Love it!
[12:39] Janice Tairov: Four ounces ...
[12:39] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: How do we enter the contest?
[12:40] Eshi Otawara: hell no
[12:40] Eshi Otawara: pound
[12:40] Janice Tairov: Info to come soon! ... write me and I'll tell you.
[12:40] Janice Tairov: A pound is fine if you are doing that high protein diet.
[12:40] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - definitely keep me updated - I can promote this stuff on our blog
[12:40] Janice Tairov: Great! thanks.
[12:40] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Doesn't the high protein diet give you bad breath?
[12:40] Janice Tairov: I did it for 2 years a long time ago.
[12:40] Janice Tairov: And YES! Ask my husband.
[12:41] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Tell us about the all is forgiven bracelet you mention on your site.
[12:41] Janice Tairov: I lost about 20 pounds on it, but couldn't lose more than that ... and then gained 30 back.

[12:41] Janice Tairov: The All is Forgiven, Move On mission bracelet reminds you of your goals... and it reminds you to forgive yourself and move on. Need be.
[12:41] Janice Tairov: Also blue is a healing color.
[12:41] Cybergrrl Oh: Something else from Janice's site: Butter-up your boss, not your roll.
[12:42] Eshi Otawara: that explains why i have been building everything blue lately
[12:42] Eshi Otawara: hahah
[12:42] Cybergrrl Oh: $2.49 -
[12:42] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm a regular Janice Taylor commercial! LOL
[12:42] Janice Tairov: Thanks,Cybergrrl. Lots of people buy them for themselves and their friends!
[12:42] Janice Tairov: You can be my PR person! You're great. thanks.
[12:42] Janice Tairov: They're fun. And who doesn't like jewelry, even if it's rubber.
[12:43] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: IF we were to start today, what would be the first thing we should do to get a grip on our overeating or eating the wrong things?
[12:43] Janice Tairov: Clear out your cabinets.
[12:43] Janice Tairov: Remembering that there is no such thing as will power; get rid of the foods that call your name.
[12:43] Eshi Otawara: woah
[12:43] Eshi Otawara: hold on
[12:43] Eshi Otawara: haha
[12:43] Janice Tairov: And don't tell me that your kids need full fat potato chips.
[12:43] Janice Tairov: At least make your home a safe haven.
[12:44] Cybergrrl Oh: LOL - I'll go as far as saying she needs full fat milk and yogurt and cottage cheese, tho
[12:44] Keykey Underwood: Good advice. How about portion control. That's my downfall
[12:44] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[12:44] Janice Tairov: That's fine ... but not full fat chips!
[12:44] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What about the new findings that FAT FREE actually can cause weight gain?
[12:44] Connected
[12:44] Janice Tairov: Buy as many things as you can that are pre-packaged.
[12:44] Janice Tairov: It's a lifestyle. Once you get in the groove, it's no big deal.
[12:44] Janice Tairov: I promise ... no big deal. If I can; you can.
[12:44] Eshi Otawara: that's a load. then you are just buying packaging and emptying your pockets
[12:44] Janice Tairov: Both books are filled and overflowing with tips.
[12:45] Janice Tairov: You could buy a big bag of something and pre-package with baggies at home.
[12:45] Cybergrrl Oh: Personally I think fat free is poison. There isn't anything real in it. And there is still such a thing as "good fat," right?
[12:45] Keykey Underwood: QUESTION: By pre-packaged do you mean individual portions?
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: there indeed is will power...
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: i mean if you truly decide to change your life.
[12:45] Janice Tairov: Yes, olive oil and avocado. But again ... you only need 3 fats a day.
[12:45] Janice Tairov: Yes, you need to truly decide to change your life.
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: i quit smoking cold turkey after 15 years of smoking
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: will power
[12:45] Janice Tairov: And you have to have a compelling future.
[12:46] Naj Potez: I did Atkins diet once...
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: So a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some avocado takes care of 2 of the 3 fats...
[12:46] Janice Tairov: You have to see your future. VISIONING.
[12:46] Naj Potez: .. and I lost 12 kilos
[12:46] Janice Tairov: Probably 10 fats.
[12:46] Janice Tairov: Great Naj.
[12:46] Janice Tairov: I can give you a formula ... ready?
[12:46] Keykey Underwood: Naj, did you keep it off?
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Is it really about a formal diet like the Atkins or the South Beach or is it more about good food education, balanced nutrition, exercise and changing your outlook about food in general?
[12:46] Naj Potez: But not really healthy
[12:47] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - The Formula?
[12:47] Janice Tairov: All plans work. Healthy works too. It's about a permanent lifestyle change and a shift in your mindset.
[12:47] Naj Potez: It came back in a year or two
[12:47] Janice Tairov: Yes ... ready for my formula!
[12:47] Keykey Underwood: Ready
[12:47] Janice Tairov: Write VISIONING on a piece of paper.
[12:47] Eshi Otawara: it is about not being a whiny kid as far as healing self with food, and also not celebrating with food either. our system of self-rewarding is wrong- we have been conditioned into consumers
[12:47] Janice Tairov: Underneath it the word: PLANNING
[12:47] Eshi Otawara: that's the issue.
[12:47] Eshi Otawara: lol
[12:47] Janice Tairov: under that ... the word DETAILS
[12:47] Janice Tairov: and then make a water line. squiggle any line you like.
[12:48] Janice Tairov: and under the waterline write the word
[12:48] Janice Tairov: PROBLEM
[12:48] Janice Tairov: and then DRAMA.
[12:48] Janice Tairov: Are you all with me?
[12:48] Eshi Otawara: so fat
[12:48] Eshi Otawara: *far
[12:48] Eshi Otawara: haha
[12:48] Cybergrrl Oh: Yes - I'll have this on the blog, too
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Okay ... now ... first you do the VISIONING. See yourself a year from now at your ideal weight, energy level. As much detail as possible.
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Then you need to come up with a PLAN to get there.
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Plum!
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Then the details of the plan.
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Now ... pay attention.
[12:49] Plum Zeluco: Hi all!
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: pays attention.
[12:49] Janice Tairov: You are going to hear that voice in your head tell you what the problem is ... why you cant do it.
[12:50] Janice Tairov: And then you're going to get into your own drama!
[12:50] Janice Tairov: The problem and the drama are under the waterline. People get stuck there.
[12:50] Janice Tairov: All you have to do is push up (like you fly here) and go back to your VIsIONING.
[12:50] Janice Tairov: If you are underwater ... ask yourself. How long am I going to stay underwater?
[12:50] Janice Tairov: REally ... how long can you hold your breath?
[12:50] Cybergrrl Oh: Good analogy
[12:51] Janice Tairov: Get back to the plan and stay out of the drama.
[12:51] Janice Tairov: I hope that helps. I've never done this kind of coaching in a chat room where people can fly!
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: interesting
[12:51] Keykey Underwood: It works here as well as out there
[12:51] Janice Tairov: Cool. I hope that was helpful.
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Plum - where did you get that curly hair? I looked all over for curly hair for Janice!
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:52] Scarlett Qi: QUESTION: What are the plan and details?
[12:52] Janice Tairov: After you 'see' your compelling future, you need to plan how to achieve it.
[12:52] Eshi Otawara: nice meeting you all-
[12:52] Plum Zeluco: lol. I have to search for the vendor but I will im you.
[12:52] Janice Tairov: In the case of permanent fat removal (I prefer that to weight loss ... if you lose it, you will find it) ...
[12:52] Janice Tairov: you pick the food plan; and then strategies.
[12:52] Eshi Otawara: Janice good job, you don't look like your own mother anymore
[12:52] Eshi Otawara: :D
[12:52] Cybergrrl Oh: Good point!
[12:53] Janice Tairov: HA!
[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh: Plum - please do. If Janice ever wants to come back, I want to get her hair right. I did find great cat-eyes for her, though
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: i see myself and at 27 i look like my own grandma (body wise)
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: disgusting
[12:53] Janice Tairov: Okay GOOD! Not liking yourself is a good place to start.
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: anyway- i am out of here. my game plan is quit being a whiny bitch and eat stuff i ate in Croatia.
[12:53] Janice Tairov: Because now you get get enough energy up to start moving forward.
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: hehe
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Why are we so obsessed with our appearances do you think? Is it really the media or our peers or society in general or...??
[12:54] Janice Tairov: I didn't like myself - the old me ... but I'm kick-tush now!
[12:54] Janice Tairov: Hey that reminds me ... I write a weekly e-newsletter called
[12:54] Janice Tairov: KICK in the TUSH Club.
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: And your avatar kicks tush, too!
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: LOL
[12:54] Janice Tairov: It's free. sign up for it at my sight! LOVE my avatar. Thank you for creating me.
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice thought her avatar's ass looked great. lol
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - see my question above
[12:55] Plum Zeluco: They are by arthur despres--the curls that is.
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Why are we so obsessed with our appearances do you think? Is it really the media or our peers or society in general or...??
[12:55] Janice Tairov: I've never had a behind like this one!
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Naj, Eshi - thank you so much for joining us!
[12:55] Janice Tairov: I think it's all of the above.
[12:55] Janice Tairov: It's pervasive.
[12:56] Naj Potez: thank you for your hospitality
[12:56] Janice Tairov: If I could pass along anything, it would be to like yourself. Love yourself.
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Naj - please join one of our groups to stay in touch
[12:56] Janice Tairov: Thanks ! visit me !!
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Or all of them if you'd like
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Everyone - click on the posters to read more about Janice's book or to buy it!
[12:56] Janice Tairov: Is someone standing on the table?
[12:56] Naj Potez: sorry
[12:56] Keykey Underwood: Actually, I think she's standing in the table
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: Any last questions or comments for Janice?
[12:57] Janice Tairov: Love it!
[12:57] Skye Qi: (nice to meet you all,,, thank you Janice...slips out quietly)
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: a more intimate setting for a smaller group - magic table!
[12:57] Keykey Underwood: I'll look forward to reading you book
[12:57] Janice Tairov: Thank you! I so enjoyed this!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Feb 8 Friday: Art Opening, Athena Gallery

Stop by Athena Isle from 1-3pm SLT for the official opening of "Her Seasons," an exhibit of watercolors by Inanna Aya and photographs by Liadona Rau. SLURL: Athena Gallery of Women's Art displays work from women artists in SL with new shows every month.

About Inanna Aya
Inanna Aya is a child of the sea. Born in a coastal Alaska town in the mid-1970s, her artwork reflects the shifting moods of an ocean that both gives and takes life. Fluid, organic, visceral. The inner reflecting the outer, the outer giving form to the inner.

After receiving a formal art education at Marylhurst University, in Oregon, Inanna returned to her roots. She moved back to her hometown, became a mom and a massage therapist, and continued developing as an artist. Her primary medium is watercolor, with periodic forays into silver and wood carving.

Inanna comes from a long line of talented and creative women. Both her grandmothers were artists – one an accomplished doll maker, needlepoint artist and painter, the other a painter and silver carver. She draws on their legacy for strength and inspiration.

She invites you to explore her art, from the shores of Southeast Alaska. Blessings to you and your own.

About Liadona Rau
Liadona Rau is fairly new to SL, but not new to the world of nature photography having been behind the camera for more than 30 years in her first life. Her first RL show took place a few years ago at Randolph-Macon College when she showed pieces taken at Chincateague and Assateague islands in the Chesapeake bay in Virginia. As a member of SL, Liadona has been able to take the photos she takes to the next step - in some cases focusing on one or two small pieces within the picture to find something completely new.

In her first life, Liadona Rau is a mother, wife and a federal employee who feels very lucky to live amid the trees.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

12 Feb: Janice Taylor, author of Our Lady of Weight Loss

12 FEB Tuesday at 12pm SLT, the Second Life Women's Club presents:

Janice Taylor, author of Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal

From Janice's web site:

No longer a fig-newton of my imagination, Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal - is HERE!

In this extraordinary book, Our Lady of Weight Loss, the patron saint of permanent fat removal, dishes out fat-free, calorie-free, carb-free, guilt-free heaping helpings of divine diet inspiration!

Our Lady of Weight Loss is the ultimate cheerleader – your best friend – who will keep you on course even when those double-fudge brownies beckon like a siren!

Weight loss artist*, Janice Taylor, most certainly did not wake one morning with a smile on her face and enthusiastically say, "Whoopee, I'm fatter than ever. I'll go on a diet. This will be fun!"

No. She rolled out of bed, pulled up her size XXL elastic-band pants and said, "Oh my, even these are tight. I must stop the fat monster from further multiplying before HE takes me over entirely." She prayed for guidance.

That's when Our Lady of Weight Loss entered the picture. "Who is Our Lady? Where did she come from?" you ask. Janice wonders as well, "Is Our Lady a higher-power, the higher-self, the 'good' Mother that lives within each of us, or is she just a fig newton of her wild imagination? Does it really matter?"

What matters is that instead of eating crazy amounts of fried foods, heavily buttered bread and chocolate in any form, Janice was able to permanently remove over 50 pounds of excess weight 5 years ago. (Butter up your boss, not your roll!)

"I exchanged fat for art," she explains. "Our Lady guides me and 'feeds' me messages, and I illustrate them. At first, I created the art just for myself, but soon friends and acquaintances wanted to know the secret to my oh-so-fabulous success."

Find out more about Janice!