Friday, February 8, 2008

Feb 8 Friday: Art Opening, Athena Gallery

Stop by Athena Isle from 1-3pm SLT for the official opening of "Her Seasons," an exhibit of watercolors by Inanna Aya and photographs by Liadona Rau. SLURL: Athena Gallery of Women's Art displays work from women artists in SL with new shows every month.

About Inanna Aya
Inanna Aya is a child of the sea. Born in a coastal Alaska town in the mid-1970s, her artwork reflects the shifting moods of an ocean that both gives and takes life. Fluid, organic, visceral. The inner reflecting the outer, the outer giving form to the inner.

After receiving a formal art education at Marylhurst University, in Oregon, Inanna returned to her roots. She moved back to her hometown, became a mom and a massage therapist, and continued developing as an artist. Her primary medium is watercolor, with periodic forays into silver and wood carving.

Inanna comes from a long line of talented and creative women. Both her grandmothers were artists – one an accomplished doll maker, needlepoint artist and painter, the other a painter and silver carver. She draws on their legacy for strength and inspiration.

She invites you to explore her art, from the shores of Southeast Alaska. Blessings to you and your own.

About Liadona Rau
Liadona Rau is fairly new to SL, but not new to the world of nature photography having been behind the camera for more than 30 years in her first life. Her first RL show took place a few years ago at Randolph-Macon College when she showed pieces taken at Chincateague and Assateague islands in the Chesapeake bay in Virginia. As a member of SL, Liadona has been able to take the photos she takes to the next step - in some cases focusing on one or two small pieces within the picture to find something completely new.

In her first life, Liadona Rau is a mother, wife and a federal employee who feels very lucky to live amid the trees.

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