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Janice Taylor aka Janice Tairov Transcript

[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: OK, let's get started. Janice - please introduce yourself and set the stage for your chat today. We are very interactive here. All I ask is that everyone type QUESTION: before their questions so we can track them easily.
[12:22] Naj Potez: I live in Dubrovnik, Croatia
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: Naj- sorry to interrupt -
[12:22] Janice Tairov: Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming ... from near and from far!
[12:22] Cybergrrl Oh: Croatia - wow!
[12:22] Janice Tairov: and for dressing so nicely for the occasion.
[12:22] Janice Tairov: I am Janice Taylor, author of Our Lady of Weight Loss - and I am a personal life coach and a certified hypnotist.
[12:23] Janice Tairov: AND a 50 pound big-time-loser.
[12:23] Janice Tairov: Yup, I permanently removed over 50 pounds 6 years ago.
[12:23] Scarlett Qi: Woohoo! Good for you
[12:23] Janice Tairov: Our Lady of Weight Loss was and is my guide!
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: See the before and after pics on the posters!
[12:23] Janice Tairov: That's the short of it!!! And yes, I'm hypnotizing you all right now!
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm getting verrrry sleepy
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:23] Janice Tairov: You might fall over!
[12:23] Cybergrrl Oh: So what is your book about exactly?
[12:24] Janice Tairov: My book is a companion book to any diet.
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: oops - QUESTION: So what is your book about exactly?
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:24] Janice Tairov: We all know that any plan works ... if you follow it!
[12:24] Janice Tairov: So this book keeps you motivated, inspires, and keeps you laughing.
[12:24] Skye Qi: nods
[12:24] Janice Tairov: Plus ... I'm an artist and it's filled with gorgeous work, if I say so myself!
[12:24] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: So your book is a motivational partner to any diet - not a diet in particular?
[12:24] Janice Tairov: Exactly! A motivational partner! I like that ... and ...
[12:25] Cybergrrl Oh: I love this sig file in Janice's email: Spread the word (NOT the icing!).
[12:25] Janice Tairov: there are recipes ... and letters from OUr Lady's fans to her asking some pretty great questions.
[12:25] Keykey Underwood: I love the poster illustration. It tells the whole story.
[12:25] Cybergrrl Oh: Reminder: I will have a chat transcript up on the Second Life Women's Club blog this week.
[12:25] Janice Tairov: Great! That's some of my art ...
[12:25] Scarlett Qi: QUESTION: Is it written to a particular religious audience?
[12:26] Janice Tairov: No - other than her name ... there's not much 'religion' in there.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: Well, none.
[12:26] Cybergrrl Oh: Click on the posters to get to the Amazon page where you can read more about and buy Janice's book, BTW.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: I'm pandenominational. I live in NYC, so I figure I'm a bit of everything.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: Thank You!
[12:26] Janice Tairov: I know you have some questions ... you're eating your babies' food ... crying as they grow up and leave.
[12:26] Janice Tairov: What other challenges do you have?
[12:27] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: How do I return to my healthy diet when all I'm doing is noshing on baby's leftovers?
[12:27] Janice Tairov: First, I want to say that there is no such thing as will power ...
[12:27] Janice Tairov: there's only want power! So you first have to ask yourself ...
[12:27] Janice Tairov: how badly do I want this?
[12:27] Keykey Underwood: Question: I'm like Mark Twain who said giving up smoking is easy, he'd done it hundreds of times.
[12:28] Cybergrrl Oh: WANT Power! Clever and true!
[12:28] Janice Tairov: Well, here's the thing ... there's a part of you that WANTS to eat healthfully and there's a part that wants to soothe yourself.

[12:28] Cybergrrl Oh: and a part of me that WANTS dark chocolate
[12:28] Janice Tairov: Again, there is no such thing as will power. BUT I do want to keep these 50 pounds off, so I don't keep foods that call my name in the house.
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What foods call your name?
[12:29] Keykey Underwood: Dark chocolate is a healthful food. We call it the brown group in my house.
[12:29] Janice Tairov: Yes, dark chocolate is healthy and 1.6 ozs is 170 calories.
[12:29] Janice Tairov: So have one little square, if you can!
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: grins and nods at Keykey
[12:29] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Is that good or bad? 170 calories?
[12:29] Janice Tairov: I make an incredible fig balsamic sauce that calls my name.
[12:30] Keykey Underwood: It better be very healthful for all those calories.
[12:30] Janice Tairov: And it's OLofWL approved. ... so you see, if you put your mind to it,
[12:30] Janice Tairov: you can find foods that satisfy.
[12:30] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What is the biggest "dieting" mistake women make?
[12:30] Keykey Underwood: Question: What's the recipe?
[12:30] Janice Tairov: Biggest dieting mistake first:
[12:30] Janice Tairov: you eat one tiny piece of cake and go off on a 10 year detour!
[12:30] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - you will have to email me the recipe for the fig balsamic dressing so I can post it on our blog - or at least distribute it privately to the women here!
[12:30] Janice Tairov: Our lady's mantra ... All Is Forgiven, Move On!
[12:30] Keykey Underwood: Been there= done that
[12:31] Janice Tairov: Don't quit. That's the biggest mistake.
[12:31] Cybergrrl Oh: Going off the Diet Wagon
[12:31] Janice Tairov: Falling off w. a thud and not getting back up!
[12:31] Janice Tairov: Feeling defeated. Depressed. Deprived.
[12:31] Janice Tairov: It's just a piece of cake.
[12:31] Keykey Underwood: So you're saying dieting is a piece of cake?
[12:31] Janice Tairov: As for the recipe; I'm working on a video for my beliefnet. blogspot and it is me cooking the fig sauce. I'll let you all know when it's up.
[12:32] Cybergrrl Oh: Perfect Janice -I'll link to it!
[12:32] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What is the URL to that blog?
[12:32] Janice Tairov: Anyway ... sorry to say, no magic bullet.
[12:32] Janice Tairov: You find everything on my website
[12:33] Janice Tairov: The video is very funny. I have electrician's tape on my mouth.
[12:33] Janice Tairov: My recipes are too good. Only way I won't eat them!
[12:33] Janice Tairov: LOL
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Duct tape could also do the trick
[12:33] Janice Tairov: I do think you've got to have a sense of humor about this!
[12:33] Janice Tairov: Yes, any tape!
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: you have a new book coming out - what can we expect from that? All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss's 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville (pub date May 15 2008 - Studio/Penguin)
[12:33] Eshi Otawara: i don't have a kitchen
[12:33] Janice Tairov: I'm serious about weight loss, but not heavy.
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Arlo must leave for a meeting but thanks for being here!
[12:33] Cybergrrl Oh: Transcript will be up this week
[12:34] Janice Tairov: Yes, next book coming soon! And there's hypnosis in it. You can self-hypnotize yourselves.
[12:34] Janice Tairov: And ... I do groups on the phone. Use some hypnosis there.
[12:34] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Self-hypnotize to lose weight?
[12:34] Janice Tairov: Shall I tell you why hypnosis is important in this?
[12:34] Keykey Underwood: Question? Tell us more about hypnosis
[12:34] Janice Tairov: Perfect! We're on the same page ...
[12:34] Janice Tairov: It talks to the part of you that wants the chocolate.
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Simply ... your unconscious mind is here to protect you. So ...
[12:35] Janice Tairov: if somewhere along the way it learned that chocolate makes you feel better, you will reach for the chocolate even if you don't want to.
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Hypnosis talks to your unconscious mind.
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Sends it the message that we thank you for protecting us, and now we have new ways of doing so.
[12:35] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Can everyone be hypnotized or hypnotize themselves?
[12:35] Janice Tairov: Then we 'embed' suggestions.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: Sometimes people 'change' immediately' sometimes it takes a few sessions.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: Key though ... you can't make someone do something they don't want to do.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: So if you really don't want to lose weight ... you won't.
[12:36] Keykey Underwood: A few sessions still sounds pretty fast
[12:36] Janice Tairov: It depends on where you are ... everyone is different.
[12:36] Janice Tairov: And of course, you do have to eat healthfully.
[12:37] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Do you find humor really helps with dieting?
[12:37] Keykey Underwood: Question: What diet did you use to lose your 50 pounds and how long have you kept it off?
[12:37] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: And doesn't it go beyond dieting? Exercise? What else does it take?
[12:37] Janice Tairov: Yes, humor is key! I was fat my entire life ... yo-'yo'ing all over the place ...
[12:37] Janice Tairov: and I was depressed and dreary. So humor is fabulous.
[12:38] Janice Tairov: It's a mindset ... yes, exercise is good because it also helps with the mind and tones the body ...
[12:38] Janice Tairov: but it may not burn as many calories as you imagine.
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: I have to say I do love the humor. From Janice's site:
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: Our Lady of Weight Loss Prima "...kooky genius - see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you." O, Oprah Magazine The BLOW the FAT CELLS from your MIND NOW! Home Study Cure -sign up NOW Home of the ™® CLICK HERE for this week's KICK * E-CARDS! *BLOG All Is Forgiven, Move On Mission Bracelet The color BLUE can: Suppress Appetite, Calm,Soothe Remove Guilt and more ... ORDER NOW!!! Click to continue Pre-Order NOW / Coming May 2008 ORDER NOW! Click to Continue Janice Taylor was born fat - the only baby in the hospital nursery to gain weight. An ominous sign. At age 8, she weighed 112 lbs. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting (performed gracefully), Janice finally and permanently removed over 50 pounds 6 years ago.
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: OOps - just meant to print the part about being a baby and gaining weight
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:38] Janice Tairov: Yes, O, the Oprah magazine said I am a kooky genius!
[12:38] Janice Tairov: Thanks to O!
[12:38] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice Taylor was born fat - the only baby in the hospital nursery to gain weight. An ominous sign. At age 8, she weighed 112 lbs. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting (performed gracefully), Janice finally and permanently removed over 50 pounds 6 years ago.
[12:38] Janice Tairov: I believe in kooky!
[12:39] Cybergrrl Oh: that part
[12:39] Janice Tairov: Hey y'all ... I'm having a contest.
[12:39] Janice Tairov: You get together with your friends, family, whomever and write me,
[12:39] Janice Tairov: send a video, a poem ... whatever ... telling me
[12:39] Janice Tairov: what foods you find irresistible ... and you could win...
[12:39] Janice Tairov: ME!
[12:39] Eshi Otawara: o-O
[12:39] Janice Tairov: When on the book tour, my publisher will send me to you.
[12:39] Eshi Otawara: STEAK, RARE
[12:39] Eshi Otawara drools
[12:39] Janice Tairov: Love it!
[12:39] Janice Tairov: Four ounces ...
[12:39] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: How do we enter the contest?
[12:40] Eshi Otawara: hell no
[12:40] Eshi Otawara: pound
[12:40] Janice Tairov: Info to come soon! ... write me and I'll tell you.
[12:40] Janice Tairov: A pound is fine if you are doing that high protein diet.
[12:40] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - definitely keep me updated - I can promote this stuff on our blog
[12:40] Janice Tairov: Great! thanks.
[12:40] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Doesn't the high protein diet give you bad breath?
[12:40] Janice Tairov: I did it for 2 years a long time ago.
[12:40] Janice Tairov: And YES! Ask my husband.
[12:41] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Tell us about the all is forgiven bracelet you mention on your site.
[12:41] Janice Tairov: I lost about 20 pounds on it, but couldn't lose more than that ... and then gained 30 back.

[12:41] Janice Tairov: The All is Forgiven, Move On mission bracelet reminds you of your goals... and it reminds you to forgive yourself and move on. Need be.
[12:41] Janice Tairov: Also blue is a healing color.
[12:41] Cybergrrl Oh: Something else from Janice's site: Butter-up your boss, not your roll.
[12:42] Eshi Otawara: that explains why i have been building everything blue lately
[12:42] Eshi Otawara: hahah
[12:42] Cybergrrl Oh: $2.49 -
[12:42] Cybergrrl Oh: I'm a regular Janice Taylor commercial! LOL
[12:42] Janice Tairov: Thanks,Cybergrrl. Lots of people buy them for themselves and their friends!
[12:42] Janice Tairov: You can be my PR person! You're great. thanks.
[12:42] Janice Tairov: They're fun. And who doesn't like jewelry, even if it's rubber.
[12:43] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: IF we were to start today, what would be the first thing we should do to get a grip on our overeating or eating the wrong things?
[12:43] Janice Tairov: Clear out your cabinets.
[12:43] Janice Tairov: Remembering that there is no such thing as will power; get rid of the foods that call your name.
[12:43] Eshi Otawara: woah
[12:43] Eshi Otawara: hold on
[12:43] Eshi Otawara: haha
[12:43] Janice Tairov: And don't tell me that your kids need full fat potato chips.
[12:43] Janice Tairov: At least make your home a safe haven.
[12:44] Cybergrrl Oh: LOL - I'll go as far as saying she needs full fat milk and yogurt and cottage cheese, tho
[12:44] Keykey Underwood: Good advice. How about portion control. That's my downfall
[12:44] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[12:44] Janice Tairov: That's fine ... but not full fat chips!
[12:44] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: What about the new findings that FAT FREE actually can cause weight gain?
[12:44] Connected
[12:44] Janice Tairov: Buy as many things as you can that are pre-packaged.
[12:44] Janice Tairov: It's a lifestyle. Once you get in the groove, it's no big deal.
[12:44] Janice Tairov: I promise ... no big deal. If I can; you can.
[12:44] Eshi Otawara: that's a load. then you are just buying packaging and emptying your pockets
[12:44] Janice Tairov: Both books are filled and overflowing with tips.
[12:45] Janice Tairov: You could buy a big bag of something and pre-package with baggies at home.
[12:45] Cybergrrl Oh: Personally I think fat free is poison. There isn't anything real in it. And there is still such a thing as "good fat," right?
[12:45] Keykey Underwood: QUESTION: By pre-packaged do you mean individual portions?
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: there indeed is will power...
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: i mean if you truly decide to change your life.
[12:45] Janice Tairov: Yes, olive oil and avocado. But again ... you only need 3 fats a day.
[12:45] Janice Tairov: Yes, you need to truly decide to change your life.
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: i quit smoking cold turkey after 15 years of smoking
[12:45] Eshi Otawara: will power
[12:45] Janice Tairov: And you have to have a compelling future.
[12:46] Naj Potez: I did Atkins diet once...
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: So a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some avocado takes care of 2 of the 3 fats...
[12:46] Janice Tairov: You have to see your future. VISIONING.
[12:46] Naj Potez: .. and I lost 12 kilos
[12:46] Janice Tairov: Probably 10 fats.
[12:46] Janice Tairov: Great Naj.
[12:46] Janice Tairov: I can give you a formula ... ready?
[12:46] Keykey Underwood: Naj, did you keep it off?
[12:46] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Is it really about a formal diet like the Atkins or the South Beach or is it more about good food education, balanced nutrition, exercise and changing your outlook about food in general?
[12:46] Naj Potez: But not really healthy
[12:47] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - The Formula?
[12:47] Janice Tairov: All plans work. Healthy works too. It's about a permanent lifestyle change and a shift in your mindset.
[12:47] Naj Potez: It came back in a year or two
[12:47] Janice Tairov: Yes ... ready for my formula!
[12:47] Keykey Underwood: Ready
[12:47] Janice Tairov: Write VISIONING on a piece of paper.
[12:47] Eshi Otawara: it is about not being a whiny kid as far as healing self with food, and also not celebrating with food either. our system of self-rewarding is wrong- we have been conditioned into consumers
[12:47] Janice Tairov: Underneath it the word: PLANNING
[12:47] Eshi Otawara: that's the issue.
[12:47] Eshi Otawara: lol
[12:47] Janice Tairov: under that ... the word DETAILS
[12:47] Janice Tairov: and then make a water line. squiggle any line you like.
[12:48] Janice Tairov: and under the waterline write the word
[12:48] Janice Tairov: PROBLEM
[12:48] Janice Tairov: and then DRAMA.
[12:48] Janice Tairov: Are you all with me?
[12:48] Eshi Otawara: so fat
[12:48] Eshi Otawara: *far
[12:48] Eshi Otawara: haha
[12:48] Cybergrrl Oh: Yes - I'll have this on the blog, too
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Okay ... now ... first you do the VISIONING. See yourself a year from now at your ideal weight, energy level. As much detail as possible.
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Then you need to come up with a PLAN to get there.
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: Hi Plum!
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Then the details of the plan.
[12:49] Janice Tairov: Now ... pay attention.
[12:49] Plum Zeluco: Hi all!
[12:49] Cybergrrl Oh: pays attention.
[12:49] Janice Tairov: You are going to hear that voice in your head tell you what the problem is ... why you cant do it.
[12:50] Janice Tairov: And then you're going to get into your own drama!
[12:50] Janice Tairov: The problem and the drama are under the waterline. People get stuck there.
[12:50] Janice Tairov: All you have to do is push up (like you fly here) and go back to your VIsIONING.
[12:50] Janice Tairov: If you are underwater ... ask yourself. How long am I going to stay underwater?
[12:50] Janice Tairov: REally ... how long can you hold your breath?
[12:50] Cybergrrl Oh: Good analogy
[12:51] Janice Tairov: Get back to the plan and stay out of the drama.
[12:51] Janice Tairov: I hope that helps. I've never done this kind of coaching in a chat room where people can fly!
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: interesting
[12:51] Keykey Underwood: It works here as well as out there
[12:51] Janice Tairov: Cool. I hope that was helpful.
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Plum - where did you get that curly hair? I looked all over for curly hair for Janice!
[12:51] Cybergrrl Oh: lol
[12:52] Scarlett Qi: QUESTION: What are the plan and details?
[12:52] Janice Tairov: After you 'see' your compelling future, you need to plan how to achieve it.
[12:52] Eshi Otawara: nice meeting you all-
[12:52] Plum Zeluco: lol. I have to search for the vendor but I will im you.
[12:52] Janice Tairov: In the case of permanent fat removal (I prefer that to weight loss ... if you lose it, you will find it) ...
[12:52] Janice Tairov: you pick the food plan; and then strategies.
[12:52] Eshi Otawara: Janice good job, you don't look like your own mother anymore
[12:52] Eshi Otawara: :D
[12:52] Cybergrrl Oh: Good point!
[12:53] Janice Tairov: HA!
[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh: Plum - please do. If Janice ever wants to come back, I want to get her hair right. I did find great cat-eyes for her, though
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: i see myself and at 27 i look like my own grandma (body wise)
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: disgusting
[12:53] Janice Tairov: Okay GOOD! Not liking yourself is a good place to start.
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: anyway- i am out of here. my game plan is quit being a whiny bitch and eat stuff i ate in Croatia.
[12:53] Janice Tairov: Because now you get get enough energy up to start moving forward.
[12:53] Eshi Otawara: hehe
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Why are we so obsessed with our appearances do you think? Is it really the media or our peers or society in general or...??
[12:54] Janice Tairov: I didn't like myself - the old me ... but I'm kick-tush now!
[12:54] Janice Tairov: Hey that reminds me ... I write a weekly e-newsletter called
[12:54] Janice Tairov: KICK in the TUSH Club.
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: And your avatar kicks tush, too!
[12:54] Cybergrrl Oh: LOL
[12:54] Janice Tairov: It's free. sign up for it at my sight! LOVE my avatar. Thank you for creating me.
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice thought her avatar's ass looked great. lol
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Janice - see my question above
[12:55] Plum Zeluco: They are by arthur despres--the curls that is.
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: QUESTION: Why are we so obsessed with our appearances do you think? Is it really the media or our peers or society in general or...??
[12:55] Janice Tairov: I've never had a behind like this one!
[12:55] Cybergrrl Oh: Naj, Eshi - thank you so much for joining us!
[12:55] Janice Tairov: I think it's all of the above.
[12:55] Janice Tairov: It's pervasive.
[12:56] Naj Potez: thank you for your hospitality
[12:56] Janice Tairov: If I could pass along anything, it would be to like yourself. Love yourself.
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Naj - please join one of our groups to stay in touch
[12:56] Janice Tairov: Thanks ! visit me !!
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Or all of them if you'd like
[12:56] Cybergrrl Oh: Everyone - click on the posters to read more about Janice's book or to buy it!
[12:56] Janice Tairov: Is someone standing on the table?
[12:56] Naj Potez: sorry
[12:56] Keykey Underwood: Actually, I think she's standing in the table
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: Any last questions or comments for Janice?
[12:57] Janice Tairov: Love it!
[12:57] Skye Qi: (nice to meet you all,,, thank you Janice...slips out quietly)
[12:57] Cybergrrl Oh: a more intimate setting for a smaller group - magic table!
[12:57] Keykey Underwood: I'll look forward to reading you book
[12:57] Janice Tairov: Thank you! I so enjoyed this!!

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