Monday, February 25, 2008

Live Psychic Readings in Second Life

Tuesday, 26 Feb - Join us on Athena Isle for Live Psychic Readings by M.W.

From her bio:

Inspired by the works of Edgar Cayce, M.W. (aka Kim Stempien) began developing her psychic abilities using her dreams. Through years of experiments, she learned that we all dream each others' dreams, and have many predictive dreams too. Currenly, M.W. downloads much of the original content in Precognito Magazine from the Akashic Records, and is proud to bring much of Mary Magdalene's teachings that "God is Within" forward using this resource.

She earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Engineering from Michigan State University, and is currently purshing master's studies in Forensic Psychology.

Known for her highly detailed and accurate predictions, "M.W." has been a featured psychic on VH1's 2003 celebrity special "Rockstrology", Lifetime TV's "America's Psychic Challenge", and has made numerous radio appearances across the U.S. She is also the creater and owner of the popular and inspirational magazine "Precognito" available in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

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