Saturday, October 20, 2007

Second Life Women's Club Clubhouse!

I'm in the process of "building" the Second Life Women's Club clubhouse. I use that term loosely because I really don't know how to build and don't know what I'm doing but having a blast doing it!

Here's what I need right now if you know where I can get them in SL:

1. Small statuettes of goddesses - low prim
2. Low prim chairs for a classroom style set up
3. Low prim whiteboard or announcement board for posting messages
4. Low prim waterfall with lovely water sounds

Here's what I'm putting together:

1. Area for sitting, relaxing, socializing
2. Area for mediation, yoga, contemplation
3. Area for teaching workshops & leading seminars
4. Small orientation area for newbies

This is a gathering place for sharing, learning and inspiration. I'm open to other ideas as well so please comment or drop me an email.


Soph said...

I sent you a few links for goddess stuff - it just occurred to me that your best bet for furniture, etc. would probably be Yadni's - I'm sure you could get everything you need for free there!

cremebrulee1979 said...

hello, i am Isadora Fiddlesticks in Second Life and I have a variety magazine and blog. I am very interested in being involved in your club! Let's talk about collaborating on a common cause.