Friday, November 9, 2007

Through the Looking Glass with Cybergrrl Oh

Lexa Dryke from The Looking Glass, a new SL online publication, interviewed me for the first issue - at the Second Life Women's Clubhouse.

Through the Looking Glass with Cybergrrl Oh

Support women entering and using SL, that’s the purpose of the new Second Life Women's Club led by Cybergrrl Oh.

This new club, which includes an SL group, a blog and a Clubhouse, is about “hanging out with girlfriends and talking about stuff that is happening in our lives, be it here or in RL”, explains Cybergrrl Oh. With a girly grin, she adds: “Guys are great but they aren't girlfriends!”

Men are not banned from the group but The White Rabbit was the first man to enter the land…


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