Sunday, December 2, 2007

Athena's Gallery - Women Artists in Second Life

Here's an interesting article: Virtual Art, Real Money

In the spirit of supporting women in the arts, I'm opening up a gallery of women's art and will hold an opening party soon. This is a co-production with another cool SL female, Safra Jetcity, who is partnering with me on a number of arts-related projects.

If you are a woman artist in SL, please join our group: Women Artists in Second Life (yeah, so original, I know). And also feel free to drop a piece of your work to Cybergrrl Oh for inclusion in the gallery for promotional purposes. One piece per artist to start. Eventually, we'll begin rotating shows for each artist.

Athena Gallery is located on Athena Isle. Currently, we already have pieces by artists Brigitte Kungler, Monroe Snook and Eshi Otawara.

Note of Caution: Make sure you are not at work when perusing the gallery. We have some very FEMALE pieces on display that may not be suitable for viewing at the office.

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