Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AnnMarie McCellan, LowPrim < HighStyle Furniture


"I wanted a kitchen - but the one I had was about 58 prims. I didn't need all the fancy stuff like opening doors because I wasn't planning on using (it), just wanted it for show," says furniture designer AnnMarie McCellan. "I thought I could keep the prim lower if I got creative with my textures. And now, my 14 prim kitchen is my best seller."

McCellan's furniture is modern and elegant, with simple, clean lines. She says real life art and furniture inspires her, and she often finds herself counting prims in her head. She leaves modify rights on her work allowing customers to match pieces to their d├ęcor.

A self-proclaimed "city gal," McCellan's designs are surprisingly affordable, and she'll build custom pieces to boot.

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