Monday, October 27, 2008

Transcript: Pat Davis, CEO of Passion Parties


transcripts by: Cybergrrl Oh
edited by: Twstd Ruggles
photos by: Vorren Voltaire

[12:03] PatDavis Braveheart: hi everyone, great to join you today, Pat :)

[12:03] You: but we are just here to get the questions rolling

[12:04] You: Hi LadyFarrah

[12:04] You: Hi Aurora

[12:04] LadyFarrah Giano: Hi there

[12:04] Twstd Ruggles: hi please grab a seat once you rezz in

[12:04] PatDavis Braveheart: Did you know it is national orgasm month?

[12:04] You: this table should seat up to 40

[12:04] Evil Titler: LadyFarrah Giano has removed a locked item! Cheat! Cheat!

[12:04] Aurora Llewellyn: sorry ladyfarrah

[12:04] Irisgrl Saphir: Hi Cybergrrl! and everybody

[12:05] You: Hi there Irisgrl

[12:05] You: nice to see you

[12:05] Twstd Ruggles: hello Kris

[12:05] You: Hi Krisbott!

[12:05] KrisBott Gears: Hey Everybody :-)

[12:05] You: Ok everyone

[12:06] You: let's get started. First, my rules

[12:06] You: Simple: If you have a question, type QUESTION in front of your question

[12:06] You: that way we can see it easily

[12:06] You: I will help Pat track the questions

[12:06] You: and then if you have a comment

[12:06] You: it is a free for all so just speak up

[12:06] You: Don't be shy!

[12:06] You: The fact that you are here to talk about great sex means you aren't so shy!

[12:07] Twstd Ruggles: `*~*`WooT WooT`*~*`

[12:07] You: Before we introduce Pat, let's do a quick personal intro and let's all speak up at once!!

[12:07] You: That way we don't take too much time

[12:07] You: I'm Cybergrrl Oh, co-owner of this lovely Isle. We have some space for rent here if you are interested. I love hosting expert guests in SL. And Pat is definitely an expert!

[12:07] You: Everyone - intros, please!!

[12:07] KrisBott Gears: I'm KrisBott, I'm a resident of Athena Isle and host the REAL BIZ in SL screenings here Mondays

[12:08] Twstd Ruggles: aloha i am Twstd Ruggles owner of Oahu, Hawaii sim and LZ Productions.

[12:08] Madison Carnot: I'm Madison and I'm a resident of NOwhereville. Kind of a new media gal so I'm just here to listen in since I usually have to miss these!

[12:08] You: anyone else care to introcue yourself to Pat?

[12:08] You: Hi Alanagh!

[12:08] Irisgrl Saphir: Hi from Iris Saphir, resident and here for the event

[12:08] Aurora Llewellyn: I'm Aurora Llewellyn and I co-host a bipolar group on Support for Healing and dance at the Twisted Orchid

[12:09] You: Welcome Iris, welcome Aurora

[12:09] Vorren Voltaire: I am Vorren Voltaire, builder, consultant and co founder of The Playpen voice club

[12:09] You: Anyone else? We can get rolling if not.

[12:09] Alanagh Recreant: :) I am Director at Uthango Social Investments in South Africa - nonprofit company with a special virtual worlds project in SL... not here in business capacity today ;)

[12:09] You: Shy people!

[12:09] LadyFarrah Giano: I'm LadyFarrah. I go by Lady. I am founder of the Temple of Lust.

[12:10] You: Temple of Lust! Sounds great!

[12:10] LadyFarrah Giano: heh

[12:10] You: We're a little more low key here on Athena Isle.

[12:10] You: But without further ado, let's introduce Pat Davis. She is the CEO of Passion Parties and a relationship expert. No question is off limits but we will all maintain a tasteful demeanor. Right?

[12:11] PatDavis Braveheart: everyone has a passion diva inside, some tucked away more, my job is to teach how to bring out diva to play for you and partner to enjoy

[12:11] You: Hi Pat, welcome to Athena Isle. Please let us know more about what you do.

[12:11] You: Can men have Passion divas too?

[12:11] PatDavis Braveheart: everyone has a passion person - his may be passion dude

[12:11] You: Vorren, we don't want to leave you out!!

[12:11] Vorren Voltaire chuckles

[12:11] You: So tell us about your company Passion Parties?

[12:12] You: And the URL is

[12:12] You: if you want to do research or explore...

[12:12] PatDavis Braveheart: passion parties offers a fun confidential place to see , touch learn about ways to enhance their love life!

[12:12] Teak Wood Chair Multi-Sit 2 whispers: Touch the seat to change animations.

[12:12] You: or buy something!

[12:12] PatDavis Braveheart: yes and to buy bedroom accessories.

[12:12] You: I tell people it is like a Tupperware party with sex toys

[12:12] You: I wonder if Tupperware appreciates that comparison

[12:13] You: haha

[12:13] PatDavis Braveheart: we call it the ultimate girls night in and the guys wait anxiously for their return

[12:13] PatDavis Braveheart: in home party plan is the perfect environment to purchase and learn about these items

[12:13] You: QUESTION: How many reps do you have at Passion Parties holding the parties?

[12:13] PatDavis Braveheart: over 15,000 in US and 2,000 Canada, over 10,000 parties per month

[12:14] You: QUESTION: How much can a good rep make from selling product?

[12:14] You: I figured I'd ask all the biz questions and leave the sex questions to all of you

[12:14] PatDavis Braveheart: up to you , from $1,000 a month to my top rep that makes $400,000 annually

[12:14] You: That is a great income!

[12:14] PatDavis Braveheart: for as little as $10

[12:15] Alanagh Recreant is lost of the website... trying to regroup

[12:15] You: QUESTION: So what are the most popular products?

[12:15] PatDavis Braveheart: for as little as $100 you can start a business with Passion Parties and make 40% of ave $500 party

[12:15] Alanagh Recreant: lost in :)

[12:15] You: Alanagh, very funny!

[12:15] PatDavis Braveheart: Pure Satisfaction is #1 - enhancement gel -makes faster and stronger orgasms

[12:15] Twstd Ruggles: oops sorry

[12:15] You: Easy to get lost in those products, I'm sure


[12:15] Alanagh Recreant: no... CG... what it funny is that you only wanna ask business questions!

[12:15] PatDavis Braveheart: don't forget it is national orgasm month in October -

[12:16] Alanagh Recreant: :P

[12:16] You: I'm just getting started Alanagh

[12:16] Alanagh Recreant: hehe... ok :))

[12:16] You: Everyone else is so shy!

[12:16] PatDavis Braveheart: do you want some top 10 Diva tips?

[12:16] You: QUESTION: So what makes for a great orgasm?

[12:16] You: Sure!

[12:16] Aurora Llewellyn: Is anyone else hearing a voice presentation about Cysco?

[12:17] You: Aurora - maybe you have your sound on? I turned my volume down

[12:17] PatDavis Braveheart: remember that 75% of women need clitoral stimulation

[12:17] Twstd Ruggles: just turn off your media player

[12:17] KrisBott Gears: It's probably the screen, if you turn off your multimedia player

[12:17] PatDavis Braveheart: don't be afraid to add toys to help with that need

[12:17] You: Funny ot have a Cisco Systems soundtrack to a sex talk

[12:18] PatDavis Braveheart: Being sexy is how you feel not how you look is a great thing to remember

[12:18] You: QUESTION: How commoon is it to have a box of sex toys under the bed?

[12:18] Cybergrrl Oh pushes the box back under her bed.

[12:18] PatDavis Braveheart: lots of people have toys and hence the box under the bed

[12:18] LadyFarrah Giano looks under her bed.... I think it's very common for me :P

[12:18] Aurora Llewellyn: lol, mine is top shelf of closet so kid does not find, lol

[12:18] PatDavis Braveheart: you also need variety in toys just like in your shoes, different ones for different occasions

[12:18] Twstd Ruggles: welcome

[12:18] Alanagh Recreant reflects... I almost missed orgasm month!

[12:18] You: QUESTION: How do you introduce sex toys to your partner who hasn't used them before

[12:18] Twstd Ruggles: ops

[12:19] Twstd Ruggles: LUU

[12:19] PatDavis Braveheart: lubrication is the first toy accessory as wetter is better

[12:19] KrisBott Gears: LOL almost missed orgasm month

[12:19] You: Wetter is Better - can I make a tshirt with that?

[12:19] PatDavis Braveheart: first never bring anything into bedroom bigger than him and start with a couples toy

[12:19] KrisBott Gears: oh wow

[12:19] You: Size DOES matter when it comes to sex toys and your partner's feelings

[12:19] Twstd Ruggles: good tip

[12:20] KrisBott Gears: QUESTION: Example of couples toys?

[12:20] PatDavis Braveheart: a couples toy could be a vibrating ring that makes him a human vibrator and gives you clit pleasure as well

[12:20] LadyFarrah Giano: Great tip

[12:20] Twstd Ruggles: LuSvoboda, please have seat here with us when u can se it

[12:20] Cybergrrl Oh makes a note about that vibrating ring

[12:20] PatDavis Braveheart: also add editables

[12:20] You: edibles?

[12:20] You: She did mean edibles!

[12:20] KrisBott Gears: editables is for SL ;-)

[12:20] You: Edible undies

[12:20] PatDavis Braveheart: bring all 5 senses to the bedroom, sight ,sound, taste, touch smell

[12:21] KrisBott Gears: QUESTION: Recommendations for sound?

[12:21] You: QUESTION: Can we buy products online as well or only from a rep?

[12:21] PatDavis Braveheart: big tip - biggest sex organ is tongue and I mean for talking - communication is key

[12:21] KrisBott Gears: Sorry, I'll try to speak in full sentences, I'm stuttering

[12:21] You: hahaha

[12:22] PatDavis Braveheart: sound - favorite music and as well as the oohh and aws from responses

[12:22] You: I think the groaning works best

[12:22] Twstd Ruggles: QUESTION: Are you edible products low calorie?

[12:22] PatDavis Braveheart: buy on line but will go thru a rep

[12:22] PatDavis Braveheart: no purchases direct from company as we want you to get the great service that a rep offers

[12:23] Aurora Llewellyn: QUESTION: I'm married to an older man who is starting to have problems with erections and orgamsn. Help with making our sex life still fun withouth pressure on him for performance?

[12:23] PatDavis Braveheart: calories aren't as important as vaginally safe which they are, yes low call

[12:23] Twstd Ruggles: ok ty

[12:23] PatDavis Braveheart: c-rings are a great addition and slow it down for him, start with more foreplay for him

[12:24] PatDavis Braveheart: normally women need 20 minutes more foreplay than men

[12:24] You: QUESTION: What about allergic reactions? How can you test before using?

[12:24] PatDavis Braveheart: remember foreplay begins in the morning with a wink, touch to each other, set the mood in the a.m.

[12:25] Irisgrl Saphir: Tuning in to Aurora's question--are there many reps/parties/ideas for older couples?

[12:25] PatDavis Braveheart: all products have ingredients listed and are generally safe for all

[12:25] You: setting mood in the morning is great advice!

[12:25] PatDavis Braveheart: if have specific allergies, just read lable, we don't have issues

[12:26] PatDavis Braveheart: i have been married 47 years and it is never too late to spice it up, communication is huge key here

[12:26] You: QUESTION: do you sell any videos, too?

[12:26] Chrissia Tyles: hello

[12:26] Twstd Ruggles: helo Chrissia

[12:26] You: Hi Chrissia

[12:26] Alanagh Recreant: QUESTION: Is the mailorder business stronger than the party component?

[12:26] Twstd Ruggles: grab a seat once u can see them

[12:26] PatDavis Braveheart: in my book, the Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex, lots of tips and techniques for all ages

[12:26] Chrissia Tyles: Cybergrrl, may i invite a guest?

[12:26] You: yes, Chrissia

[12:26] Chrissia Tyles: thank you

[12:27] PatDavis Braveheart: Videos - some mild instructional, have to go elsewhere for video

[12:27] You: Everyone, you can click on the poster of her book to purchase it from Amazon

[12:27] You: Or click on her poster and go to Passion Parties web site, too

[12:27] PatDavis Braveheart: party plan better than mail order because you get to talk and ask questions to your needs , more personal and much more fun

[12:27] Twstd Ruggles: QUESTION: Any suggestions for the ver tired mom who takes care of kids all day and wants more energy for fun time at night with hubby?

[12:28] PatDavis Braveheart: you can buy book faster at web site

[12:28] You: QUESTION: What about for same sex couples? Do you target them in your marketing or serve them specifically?

[12:28] Chrissia Tyles: how do i get in

[12:28] Chrissia Tyles: ?

[12:28] Twstd Ruggles: we are over here

[12:28] PatDavis Braveheart: doesn't matter who your partner is or if you are flying solo, you can have fun and enjoy sex

[12:28] Chrissia Tyles: sorry, Pasky

[12:28] Pasky Magic: np

[12:29] PatDavis Braveheart: book also gives products to use with tips with a passion pantry

[12:29] You: QUESTION: How do you spice things up after kids? Women's bodies change so much - difficult to get revved up again

[12:29] Irisgrl Saphir: "passion pantry"--what a great idea!

[12:29] PatDavis Braveheart: have to set time for it - don't let life get in the way of your relationship

[12:29] Alanagh Recreant smiles at River

[12:30] PatDavis Braveheart: have date night even if you have to trade off with other parents, they need date night too

[12:30] River Kaestner smiles back

[12:30] Twstd Ruggles: good idea

[12:30] You: QUESTION: What about kids? How do you play with toys with kids around?

[12:31] PatDavis Braveheart: you need to take responsibility for your pleasure, and your pleasure will pay you back

[12:31] Twstd Ruggles: hi Jaharta

[12:31] PatDavis Braveheart: passion parties are so much fun and offer a giggle with education

[12:32] You: QUESTION: What if there is not a passion parties rep in your area?

[12:32] PatDavis Braveheart: amazing how many people don't understand their bodies, like how to find the elusive G Spot

[12:32] PatDavis Braveheart: Then if not a rep, you need to be that rep. that is how we grow a lot in the company. Very easy to do.

[12:32] Twstd Ruggles: oops sorry

[12:32] Alanagh Recreant: QUESTION: Are you also in other countries? (thinking.... business opportunity!)

[12:32] You: QUESTION: How DO you find the GSpot?

[12:32] PatDavis Braveheart: Just in Canada as international now

[12:33] You: QUESTION: How do you become a rep?

[12:33] PatDavis Braveheart: G spot is called UFO of body parts, but it is there

[12:33] You: I always learn so much from Pat!

[12:33] PatDavis Braveheart: we also have a g spot creme to help plump it up to find it and make it more enjoyable, only company that has this creme

[12:33] Twstd Ruggles: wow

[12:33] PatDavis Braveheart: using g spot toys help as well

[12:33] Twstd Ruggles: teehee

[12:34] PatDavis Braveheart: if you have had a g spot orgasm, you know how great it is and if not, is worth searching for

[12:34] You: And that is what I found at the Passion Party I attended - I learned a LOT

[12:34] You: QUESTION: I heard the G Spot orgasm feels like peeing

[12:34] You: is that tru?

[12:34] PatDavis Braveheart: diagram of body parts will help you find it

[12:35] LadyFarrah Giano thinks it feels better than peeing

[12:35] PatDavis Braveheart: yes some think it is urine, but is g sport ejaculation - can be up to one quart - amazing.

[12:35] You: QUESTION TO ALL: So is everyone learning something new?

[12:35] You: Don't be shy - throw out your burning to speak

[12:35] Aurora Llewellyn: Definately

[12:35] Vorren Voltaire writes down everything for later use

[12:35] You: If any of you have a blog, I sure hope you blog about this, too! I will link to it from my blogs if you do.

[12:35] PatDavis Braveheart: great sex is like dining, sometimes fast food, sometimes lengthy dining - quicky vs long lovemaking

[12:35] River Kaestner does the same as Vorren....

[12:36] You: we will have the transcript on our Athena Isle blog as well

[12:36] Twstd Ruggles: QUESTION:How great is the business opportunity? Is this 2nd income or can it be only income for the rep?

[12:36] PatDavis Braveheart: just make sure to deep alive the magic in your love life, keep each other's interest,

[12:36] Alanagh Recreant: QUESTION: Can you share with us some of the unintended/unforeseen benefits/values that clients get from parties?

[12:36] Vorren Voltaire: Question: Have you found more men getting involved in the passion parties?

[12:36] You: If you want me to remove your avatar name from the transcript for privacy reasons, please let me know by IM

[12:36] PatDavis Braveheart: include talking, cuddling, sharing, trying new things

[12:37] Aurora Llewellyn: QUESTION: OK, you have the kids out of the way, you have the toys ready, how can you get past the awkwardness of starting lovemaking

[12:37] PatDavis Braveheart: Education is biggest thing we hear about parties and being with just other women makes them comfortable to chat about sex

[12:38] You: Twstd, you might have been away when she said up to $400,000 a year or as little as you want

[12:38] PatDavis Braveheart: start with massage, using tasty massage creams, get relaxed and then nibble the cream, fun

[12:38] PatDavis Braveheart: remember sex is not rocket science, relax, have fun and enjoy

[12:38] Twstd Ruggles: oh ok thanks...must of been when i crashec

[12:38] You: Great questions everyone!

[12:39] PatDavis Braveheart: at a party you will learn techniques that maybe you have no one to talk to about and ask questions

[12:39] Irisgrl Saphir: QUESTION--are passion parties ever with our men, or just for men? Girls only?

[12:39] You: Vorren Voltaire: Question: Have you found more men getting involved in the passion parties?

[12:39] PatDavis Braveheart: men are involved in being the other half of the partnership and enjoying the products that the women bring home

[12:40] PatDavis Braveheart: we do have a few men reps, but our company is based on women helping women and men of course are receipients

[12:40] You: Aurora Llewellyn: QUESTION: OK, you have the kids out of the way, you have the toys ready, how can you get past the

[12:40] Irisgrl Saphir: QUESTION are the guys usually OK with that or need special ways of intro?

[12:40] You: IrisGrl the parties are just for women

[12:41] PatDavis Braveheart: actually men love for the woman to take more initiative - they find that exciting

[12:41] Chrissia Tyles: and these are done out of the homes?

[12:41] Chrissia Tyles: like the Avon and Tupperware in the past

[12:41] PatDavis Braveheart: parties are mostly done in the homes, however, some may be after work in office, but mostly in homes

[12:41] You: QUESTION: How can I turn my bedroom into more of a boudoir?

[12:41] PatDavis Braveheart: hostess gets lots of free products too

[12:42] Alanagh Recreant: QUESTION: I believe I missed this, but are these parties also in SL... I am thinking about the massive educational value here!

[12:42] Alanagh Recreant: follow-up... I mean, are there RL reps in SL as well?

[12:42] You: Alanagh - that is what I've been hoping to convince Pat to do! And get some virtual versions of her products in here. I'd host it here on Athena as a store/workshop area

[12:42] PatDavis Braveheart: bedroom changes, get all laundry out, all clutter, make pretty, drape scarf over lamp, light candle, spray sheets with silky sheets (we have many flavors)

[12:43] Jaharta Tigerpaw: Question: searching pleasure, searching the g spot.;searching to it not exactly what men are doing since 10 000 years and bringing women on second plan, in the shadow because originally women they have pleasure first without men... without masturbation too... when you become fertile, when you give birth... and to buy something to get something is typically ?

[12:43] PatDavis Braveheart: set the mood is important as brain is important sex organ too

[12:43] Chrissia Tyles: the interior design makes a big difference in a bedroom

[12:43] PatDavis Braveheart: passion parties in second life would be a great idea, happy to work at that

[12:44] PatDavis Braveheart: no matter the age, there are always questions that you just don't have anyone to ask

[12:44] PatDavis Braveheart: we don't have virtual passion parties, but what fun would that be....I am game

[12:44] You: Jaharta Tigerpaw: Question: searching pleasure, searching the g spot.;searching to it not exactly what men are doing since 10 000 years and bringing women on second plan, in the shadow because originally women they have pleasure first without men... without masturbation too... when you become fertile, when you give birth... and to buy something to get something is typically ?

[12:45] Alanagh Recreant: CG - GREAT plan!

[12:45] You: See, Alanagh, she is GAME!

[12:45] You: Whoo Hoo!

[12:45] PatDavis Braveheart: virtual still not as personal as a like party where you can touch, feel, taste the products

[12:45] Twstd Ruggles: i have Passion party with friends atleast once a year...its alot of fun...if anyone wants to see a clip from our last party you can check it out on youtube here

[12:45] Twstd Ruggles: :)

[12:45] You: Pat is one of the coolest CEOs I've ever met. And I've interviewed hundreds and hundreds.

[12:45] Alanagh Recreant smiles.... will talk later... I am GLAD PatDavis

[12:45] Chrissia Tyles: doesn't too much "education" take away the naturalness of sex?

[12:46] PatDavis Braveheart: never too much knowledge, combine that with relaxing and you have a great combo of fun

[12:46] You: QUESTION: I'm moving to Tok Alaska - very remote Alaska. If I held a Passion Party, how do I keep it very discreet so nobody in the very small town gets embarrassed? Should I limit attendance and keep it private verbal invite?

[12:46] Alanagh Recreant believes the education is part of liberation... we see the importance of it here in Africa with many women not knowing enough

[12:46] Alanagh Recreant: it is almost a rights issue in my opinion

[12:46] Chrissia Tyles: good point

[12:47] PatDavis Braveheart: you would be surprised how excited the remote area would be to see a Passion Party. don't prejudge people, all are curious

[12:47] PatDavis Braveheart: remember Passion Parties are so tasteful, you will never be embarrassed by having had one, actually your friends will thank you

[12:48] Alanagh Recreant: QUESTION: What is your best seller?

[12:48] PatDavis Braveheart: remember we don't come with manuals, so guys and gals can have more fun with added tips and ideas

[12:48] PatDavis Braveheart: Pure Satisfaction #1 and bullet in top five and also GiGi, male masterbation sleeve a top seller

[12:49] PatDavis Braveheart: we have items from $10 to $150, so can fit everyone's budget and pleasure

[12:49] You: Xmas presents!

[12:49] PatDavis Braveheart: have some new holiday items to assure a ho ho ho orgasm holiday season

[12:49] You: I'd love to put a vibrating ring in my husbands Xmas stocking!

[12:49] Twstd Ruggles: :)

[12:50] PatDavis Braveheart: have a candy cane toy that everyone will think is part of the holiday decorations but has "added benefits"

[12:50] Twstd Ruggles: haha

[12:50] PatDavis Braveheart: ring of ectasy is the couples toy you want

[12:50] PatDavis Braveheart: animals make a difference - turtle heads give more direct clitoral stimaulation while butterflies give labial stimualtion.

[12:51] You: QUESTION: How do we find a rep in our area? I want to find one in Anchorage Alaska before I move to Tok. To stock up!

[12:51] PatDavis Braveheart: who knew the animal kingdom had added benefits.

[12:51] PatDavis Braveheart: go to and click you want a rep, if you get one out of your area, she can direct you to your area.

[12:52] PatDavis Braveheart: can also call 1-800-4- passion and ask our company rep for rep nearest you

[12:52] You: Ah thanks! helpful!

[12:52] PatDavis Braveheart: we have reps in every state in US and Canada. We are #1 sensual party plan company in north america

[12:52] Alanagh Recreant smiles

[12:52] You: We're almost out of time...get your questions out there before too long or you'll be kicking yourself later!

[12:53] PatDavis Braveheart: time flies when you are having fun. I am just now catching on and time almost up

[12:53] PatDavis Braveheart: Just like sex, sometimes over too soon

[12:53] Cybergrrl Oh laughs

[12:53] KrisBott Gears: I want to chime in that inworld Passion Parties would be really cool

[12:53] LadyFarrah Giano: I agree.

[12:53] Twstd Ruggles: i just wanted to say i think your company is awesome andi have ben to many pleasure parties and Passion Parties is the most reasonably priced than the other companies and their selection is bigger as well.

[12:54] You: We like BIG selections

[12:54] PatDavis Braveheart: we are tasteful as well

[12:54] You: But I'll keep in mind that size is important when bringing a toy into the bedroom with a partner

[12:54] PatDavis Braveheart: some like big seletions,some like variety, we have it all

[12:55] You: Hey, wouldn't it be great to do a TV show on called Great Sex with Pat as the host?

[12:55] PatDavis Braveheart: have to learn to type without spell check...

[12:55] Twstd Ruggles: lol that would be great

[12:55] KrisBott Gears: That would be great

[12:56] Alanagh Recreant votes YES

[12:56] PatDavis Braveheart: I do a lot of interviews and this one is fun and I love it

[12:56] PatDavis Braveheart: I have so much to share as do our Passion Consultants and we are happy to spread the passion

[12:56] You: Any last questions before we say our farewells to Pat? And of course, hope she will be back soon!

[12:56] Twstd Ruggles: thanks for coming Pat

[12:56] Twstd Ruggles: `*~*`WooT WooT`*~*`

[12:57] Alanagh Recreant: thank you for letting me know about this talk

[12:57] You: Now that she is all set up, she can come back any time!

[12:57] LadyFarrah Giano: Thank you Pat

[12:57] Alanagh Recreant: enjoyed it

[12:57] KrisBott Gears: Yes thanks so much!

[12:57] PatDavis Braveheart: Just check us out at

[12:57] You: Of course, running a multimillion dollar company might keep her a bit busy

[12:57] Irisgrl Saphir: Thanks----such fun idea!

[12:57] Aurora Llewellyn: Thank you

[12:57] You: Make sure you click on the posters here to get to her site and to buy her book!

[12:57] You: Everyone - thank you so much for being here.

[12:57] Alanagh Recreant nods and slips out... thanks!

[12:57] Twstd Ruggles: yes thanks everyone for coming today

[12:58] You: And special thanks to our hunky security guy who kept things SAFE for us

[12:58] Vorren Voltaire: Thanks for having us. Great event.

[12:58] PatDavis Braveheart: better to buy book at Passion Parties, as Amazon on back order sometimes

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